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 M ove over Manolo Blahnick and Carrie Bradshaw. I’ve found the secret to great shoes that won’t break the bank. Because styles come and go buying seasonal accessories to complete your wardrobe can be unnecessary. Dropping hundreds, sometimes even thousands to look fabulous. For me great shoes are an investment, but I prefer saving money and buying affordable shoes for different occasions at a fraction of the cost designer duds will run you. With 25 fall shoes under $50 it’s worth splurging on a new collection. 

After decades of following fashion week, WWD, the hottest fashionista’s and of course celebrity styles regularly, I was surprised to see household brands like Target and DSW selling the same looks for less. Partnering up with fashion mecca Who What Wear to sell quality pieces proves that our neighborhood stores are just as fashion forward. There was a time I was skeptical of buying anything that people overlooked for “name brands,” but today’s fashion is all about how you wear it. 

Whatever your unique style is I’m positive I’ve found something in my roundup for you to rock this Autumn. I guarantee you won’t feel guilty shopping these steals and making your own mark.

Scroll through my list of to-die-for shoes and find the pair that’s perfect for you. Happy Fall shopping!



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