Beauty care hasn’t always been a top priority for me. Sure I’m the first to color my base when I see a trace of brown roots. And my mani and pedi is on a strict two-week schedule. However, aggressively seeking out tips for maintaining my youth and looking better only recently became an interest of mine when I realized what I was doing wrong and how I could benefit from doing things differently. Though I’m not an expert, I am an enthusiast with sound beauty suggestions like these 5 must-have drugstore beauty products.

Thanks to a slew of beauty brands that discovered me on social media my love for beauty products has slowly become a career. I no longer spend hours at Sephora or department store beauty counters searching for the right products in part from all of the brand sponsorships I receive daily. As much as I love being showered with these gifts, it’s the knowledge and brand awareness I enjoy the most. After years of being the girl who only used Chanel and SK-II I discovered a variety of new brands and products at affordable prices that I love just as much. The list keeps getting longer.

There are products at your local drugstores that do exactly what they say they will do. I know because I put them to the test and found great products I can’t live without. Wasting money on products that claim to do a job can be frustrating so it’s important to get to the core of your skin and hair type and know what’s right for you. I haven’t tried every product out there, however, after nearly a year of trial and error these are my top 5 picks. 




I am obsessed with this face wash from Soap & Glory! It’s packed with vitamin C which is proven to brighten skin and act as a collagen booster. Dermatologist recommend using vitamin C to prevent dark spots so not only is this face wash preventive, but my skin feels tighter and refreshing after just one use. This triple threat is a facial detox in a bottle. With polishing beads to help exfoliate and deep clean simultaneously I’m ecstatic I discovered this face wash at my local drugstore. 


If you follow my Instagram stories then you have heard me rave about Ponds Hydrate + Glow Sheet Mask for weeks now. It is easily the best $2.14 I have ever spent. I swear by sheet masks and use them regularly. This sheet mask is comparable to my previous favorite SK-II sheet mask. After only one use my skin has ultimate glow with an abundance of hydration. To be truthful, a sheet mask glow doesn’t last for days, but if you need a quick fix for an event, night out or really important meeting this sheet mask is guaranteed to work magic. The one major highlight about Ponds sheet masks is how packed with hydration they are. I used one sheet mask twice! What a bargain to look flawless all day. I also really love the Clarant B3 Dark Spot Correcting Cream. If you need proof checkout my “beauty highlights” on Instagram for a before and after. You’ll be sold! 



I can’t say enough about a face wipe that is extremely hydrating and removes all of my makeup, eyeliner and mascara in one go. A lot of face towelettes are dry which makes it difficult to remove every trace of makeup, but Garnier’s wipes remove all of my makeup with just one wipe. Paired with my Soap & Glory face wash I have perfect, silky-smooth clean skin. If you wear light makeup and only use face towelettes to clean your skin this is a must-have. 



Okay, so this is technically NOT a drugstore brand but somehow through the black market it managed to make it into drugstores so it’s on my list. I know I said this article was my top 5 favorites, but It’s A 10 haircare makes so many products I use daily that I had to share my top 2. I have fine hair which can be difficult to style. It’s A 10 miracle leave-in is perfect for adding volume and minimizing frizz. I spray this in my hair before blow-drying and it instantly adds fullness. It’s honestly my secret to great hair days because it’s nourishing and leaves my hair so soft. It repairs my hair at the same time so it’s a two for the price of one product. The miracle shine is my absolute favorite though. I use it to dangle my hair after I shower, to keep fly-aways out, and add shine. It leaves my hair silky smooth and gorgeous all day. It’s great if you’re traveling and need to pack light because it does the job of so many products all in this one bottle.  



I recently did a campaign for L’oreal because I have been a fan of L’oreal products forever. My stylist uses L’oreal to bleach my roots, and I use L’oreal at home to maintain the color. Because I have colored treated hair my shampoo and conditioner does vary occasionally, but these two products have been a longtime favorite of mine. My color can get brassy so I use a purple shampoo to remove the brass in addition to my regular L’oreal go-to for everyday hair care. There are so many shampoo and conditioners on the market that I like, but I keep coming back to L’oreal for price and consistency. A lot of competitor products leave my hair dull or caked with moisture that feels like it hasn’t been rinsed out and L’oreal continually leaves my hair vibrant and hydrated. When compared to products I like from Oribe and Keraste L’oreal achieved similar results at a price that couldn’t be matched. Sure I splurge on shampoo and conditioner from time-to-time but my go-to will always be L’oreal because it’s worth it. 


is the CEO of www.monikafreeman.com. She also works as a Creative Director, Writer, Brand Strategist and Fashion Editor.

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