5 Ways To Dial Up Intimacy In A Relationship

5 Ways To Dial Up Intimacy In A Relationship
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By now you either love your partner more than ever, or are dying for space. Bath time and office time isn’t enough of a separation for a day. That’s why it is so important to use this time quarantined to get closer together. Though I’m not in a relationship, I’ve had my share of fun ways to make long-distance and social distancing work. But nothing is as great as physical contact, which is why if you have someone to touch you’re probably at an advantage. 

If you are in a long-term relationship then experimenting with something new and spicing it up is something you have cultivated into your date nights already. However, there are ways to get each other excited at home after six weeks of being locked in a house together. If you are in a rut, or want to turn up the heat, these 5 tips will dial up intimacy in any relationship. 


5 Ways To Dial Up Intimacy In A Relationship

Role Play

This may not be your cup of tea, but it can be fun for a night. Since you can’t leave the house why not stage a date night. Dinner, drinks, your choice. One of you plays the role of the waiter, waitress or bartender, while the other is the guest. You can take turns playing the different roles just make sure cocktails are flowing and you tend to your guests every need. At the end of the date the master suite is within walking distance so you can indulge in the rest of your fantasies.  

5 Ways To Dial Up Intimacy In A Relationship

Romantic Dinner 

Not everyone is adventurous in love so I’m guessing half of you skimmed over role playing. However, you can turn your dining room, backyard, patio or roof top into a romantic picnic or dinner. Take notes from any season of The Bachelor. Add candles, wine, music, food, and ambient lighting, and anyone would be in the mood to get romantic. If dancing is your thing incorporate a slow dance or dance off. If you like games… why not play twister? Perfect way to end compromised together at the end night. Card games like “We’re Not Really Strangers” is also a fun way to get closer than ever before. Is strip poker still a thing? 

Body Art 

Date night body painting sounds fun! Though I have never tried it, I might order a kit on Amazon now so I can experiment with this as soon as social distancing ends. What’s more fun than getting undressed and painting one another’s bodies? For me it sounds both creative and sexual. I have no problem with either. For those who would rather make love and art with a canvas instead of each others bodies, Love Is Art is a fun interactive way to come together and create a piece of art while still enjoying one another’s company. 

5 Ways To Dial Up Intimacy In A Relationship

Take A Virtual Trip Around The World 

With the heightened security around travel, a lot of people have cancelled their vacations planned prior to this pandemic. If you are one of those people, or someone who can’t get the time away to travel, take a night off for you and your partner to enjoy a virtual trip to the Vatican or the Louvre in pj’s! Other online exhibits and virtual tours to check out: L.A.’s Getty Museum look at Renaissance food & drink, the Smithsonian’s Natural History guided walk-through, and the National Women’s History Museum’s NASA exhibit. Another way you can make it even more authentic is by cooking a cuisine from the country you are virtually traveling to so you can get the entire experience. Or you can order takeout from someplace you’ve never tried.

5 Ways To Dial Up Intimacy In A Relationship

Wine Tasting 

Vinebox is the perfect way to enjoy a wine and cheese tasting while star gazing. What says romantic more than vino and stars?! You can join the club, or shop their gift sets. I personally love the wine and cheese set. For $87 USD you get 5 reds and 4 whites. They have many selections online, or you can order from your local grocery/wine store and get different bottles of wine for tasting. In addition to Vinebox Sonoma County Vintners have this list of wines you can order direct to home. Make it more fun by getting dressed up in your finest clothing so you feel like you are someplace other than your house and enjoy the stars outside. Selective wineries are hosting virtual wine tastings so make a Zoom reservation for you and your loved one. 

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