Monika Freeman

Hey there, I’m Monika but my friends call me MK! Texas born and Los Angeles––New York City raised. I’m a designer by trade, writer by passion, fashion enthusiast and city girl. After years of studies in fashion design, design and media arts, finance and business, I came to the realization I’m both left brained and right brained. It only took ten years and two college professors who told me, “you’re a CEO first and then a designer.”  What they meant was, I think like a boss but creating and designing is what drives me. There are several things that excite me, like a great Bordeaux and traveling, but only a few things I enjoy as much as coaching entrepreneurs and helping develop their visual storytelling by creating unique brand and web experiences for their businesses. 

I am an eternal optimist and firm believer it is never too late to start over, or make changes to what you are currently doing. I’m living proof. It took me almost two decades to find my dream job and several jobs along the way.

When we finally meet I will share how I created my dream life and help you find yours, if you haven’t already. I will also let you in on more about me, the 8lb love of my life, Gatsby Finn, and a few special people who have made me who I am. What I can tell you now is, I am the happiest I have ever been in my life, and it all started with a little girl never loosing sight of her dreams. 

Meet the Designer