…is a Texas native who studied finance and business development at the University of Texas and Kilgore College where she was an elite member of the World Famous dance team The Kilgore College Rangerettes. After becoming a Rangerette, she was employed by former American football quarterback, actor, TV analyst and cohost of Fox NFL Sunday, Terry Bradshaw.

Working with Bradshaw peaked Monika’s interest in the entertainment business, whereupon she moved to California and began studies in Fashion Design and Design and Media Arts at The Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising and University of California Los Angeles.

After college, Monika pursued a career in finance working in New York City in the Investment Banking sector of Banc of America Securities.

Monika eventually moved back to Los Angeles where she worked as a Stock Plan Manager for Group Leaf LLC, hired by former Chairman, CEO and co-founder Richard Rosenblatt.

After helping take Group Leaf LLC “Public,” Monika turned her focus back to the entertainment industry, working for W!lDBRAIN Entertainment Inc., an animation studio and online streaming service, as a Creative Director alongside previous CEO Charles Rivkin now recognized as the Chief Executive Officer of the Motion Picture Association of America and former Assistant Secretary of State for Economic and Business Affairs.

During her time working at W!LDBRAIN, Monika realized her desire to work more closely with studios in production on the set of TV shows and feature films. Monika was offered a long-term contract working as a stunt double for Sarah Michelle Gellar, followed by the opportunity to work with Elizabeth Banks, Rachael McAdams and Michelle Williams to name a few.

These relationships opened up the possibility for Monika to work as a set stylist on TV shows and feature films. From this experience Monika took her passion for fashion and design and began working as a wardrobe stylist.

Most recently Monika worked on a television feature for Discovery ID network in Cape Town, South Africa in October through December, 2016.

Through her love of fashion, the arts, people, and business, Monika launched a style, business and culture blog working as a creative director, designer and advice columnist while traveling globally. Shortly thereafter Monika began working independently as a full-time creative director and design stylist for celebrities.

Inspired by the needy families and children she met throughout her travels work, Monika launched a number of philanthropic ventures, donating proceeds to help the underprivileged.

Monika now works as a Chief Operating Officer and Philanthropist to the former The Fugees rapper Pras Michel and his company Prasperity Group, in addition to her passion projects.

She has found a way to merge her love for business, finance, humanity and fashion into a profitable career.

Monika Freeman’s fondest dream is to “give back” and improve the world even as she pursues her own personal goals through her various, diverse business ventures and philanthropy work.


Monika Freeman