All That Sparkles


Dress: BCBG Maxazria, Hat: Topshop, Loafers: Aldo, Photography: Carl Raether

New Years Eve might be the most anticipated holiday of the year that’s often thought to be the biggest hyped up-turned letdown of the season, but for whatever reason, myself included, we still go over and beyond to make plans to celebrate like its our last night ever. With all the expectations leading up to this one night, how could our wardrobe disappoint? From sequins and oversized baubles to tiny minis, top hats and knee high stilettos we do it up! OKAY, if you’re anything like me thats the norm everyday :), but in all fairness who doesn’t love to play dress up every now and then?! It’s still too soon to tell what I’ll be wearing since anythings possible in the city that never sleeps (NYC), but one things a guarantee, I’m a fashion and function kind of girl when the weathers below 70 degrees. LA you’ve scarred me! This NYE why not try something understated and dress down a sequin sparkler (mini, romper or pants outfit) with metallic loafers and a chic tomboy style hat. The simplicity of this look lets the outfit shine on its own while still giving you a flirty, dazzling appeal. A little menswear paired with a girly touch is sure to turns heads! And hey, if you don’t already have a kiss at midnight this will seal the deal.




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