Are Vagina Probiotics A Thing?

Are Vagina Probiotics A Thing?
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Last year while monetizing my blog and social media, I partnered with various brands to establish my personal brand identity. One of many tasks that keeps Influencers and Content Creators crazed—pitching the perfect brands to land authentic partnerships. While searching for the right brands, I discovered Good Clean Love. I should mention, at the time, I was not aware GCL was a nontoxic sexual health company. I thought they were a woman’s health and wellness company. In retrospect, they are the perfect brand to partner with given the direction my blog has taken this year.

When I partnered with GCL I was going to be advertising probiotics. I’m an avid lover of probiotics because of the evidence shown to promote gut health and skin, so this campaign was fitting. Until the delivery arrived, and I realized the probiotics were for your vagina. How was I going to promote something I did not need? I’m not going to lie, before I was so candidly sharing everything from paying for sex to masturbation on my blog, I was a bit embarrassed to share a photo of me holding a box of vagina probiotics on social media. It didn’t feel like a good fit, or genuine representation of my brand. Epic fail on my part for not researching the company more extensively. And also the reason I cutback on paid partnerships this year to maintain a very specific niche and my authenticity. 


I held onto the vagina pills thinking maybe I will need them one-day. If I start having sex again—thanks to morals and single life that chapter is experiencing writers block. What do you know. Six months later two of my girlfriends were complaining about a yeast infection, and I had the cure. Not exactly my proudest friend moment, but it turns out the probiotics were a hit! Who would had thought? 

So the real question: are vagina probiotics for everyone? While any type of probiotic is not necessarily for everyone, vagina probiotics are beneficial for women who are dealing with recurring yeast infections and bacteria vaginosis. They are also great for women who are going through peri-menopause, or women having sex with multiple partners. Since I am not a candidate for the probiotics now, I asked my friends to weigh in. I also found professional opinions online that agreed it is important to maintain a level of good bacteria to help fight off any bad bacteria (an imbalance in the microbiome creating an overgrowth of one type of your normal bacteria or fungi) from frequent sexual intercourse, hormone changes, and fragranced feminine products.


Each woman is different, and each woman’s vaginal microbiome is unique. Subtle ways a woman can detect if her vagina is “healthy” is by experiencing symptoms such as itching, change in odor, pain during intercourse and abnormal discharge. A list of things can upset your microbiome: spermicides, douching, peri-menopause and menopause, antibiotics, diabetes and immunosuppression. “Your vagina is just like your gut, and harbors a lot of good bacteria,” says Christine Greves, M.D., an ob-gyn at the center for obstetrics and gynecology at Orlando Health in Florida. Turns out vagina probiotics have clinically been shown to help restore healthy vaginal flora and promote urinary tract health. They also lower vaginal pH, creating a mildly acidic condition and promoting a healthy microbial environment. 

Since not all probiotics are created equal I would suggest speaking to your doctor about which probiotics are right for you. However, both of my girlfriends agreed that within a week the GCL probiotics helped with their yeast infections. Every probiotic contains multiple different strains of bacteria, all of which work slightly differently, so it is important to make sure you buy a probiotic with an ingredient called  lactobacilli, or lactobacillus acidophilus. Lactobacilli is a strain of good bacteria that lives in your vagina and helps maintain a healthy vaginal pH to prevent the overgrowth of different bad bacteria. 


So there you have it, vagina probiotics are a thing! Many vaginal microbiome infections are preventable if you commit to proper vaginal care. Though they won’t cure a urinary track infection (UTI), oral probiotics, like Good Clean Love, will help with other vagina discomforts. I didn’t end up committing to the sponsored post for GCL last year, but thought it was important to share this non-paid post now, and shed light on the importance of taking care of your vagina ladies. 


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