I’m a meat lover. Though I had sworn off red meat for 27 years of my life the idea of becoming a full-on vegetarian was difficult for a Texas born-and-raised girl like me. You could say I have the appetite of a linebacker trapped in a dancers body. I’m constantly watching food networks and reading recipe blogs that inspire me to try new things at home, however, because I travel so much for work sometimes being a foodie makes it hard to stay on track. I love experiencing new restaurants. After being on the road for an extended two months recently I was on the hunt for a change of scenery when I arrived home to LA. My source of all sources for quality food and service, yelp, found just the spot, Barrel & Ashes. I was craving sushi when I decided to change gears and try this place out. I mean who doesn’t love bourbon and BBQ, but lets be honest when you’re craving sushi BBQ isn’t a close second as far as light options and raw food. Once I arrived I fell in love with the decor of this place though! After debating everything on the menu because I could have tried it all, I was more than impressed with the food. This was the most delicious BBQ I have ever had in LA and Texas for that matter. I was dinning with friends so we treated it like tapas since it is a family style restaurant and shared everything from brisket to pulled pork, hush puppies, braised greens and shells and cheese. I devoured everything I tried. The food is so tasty! The mouthwatering savory is enough to have you dreaming of your next dinner there. I know I am! The ambiance is friendly and inviting with a cool patio vibe, too. We sat inside when we dined there but the staff were all very attentive from outside on the patio to inside at the bar. It was the perfect relaxed environment with friendly staff who all seemed happy to be there, and food so good you would think your mother cooked it. I definitely advise anyone looking for a great new spot to checkout Barrel & Ashes, and if you make it there for brunch before I do send me some recommendations!


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