Basic Neutrals Aren’t So Basic

Basic Neutrals Aren't So Basic
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For awhile I tried to embrace color. Don’t get me wrong I love shades of green, blue, purple and the occasional yellow, but I’m a basic neutral girl. I gravitate toward earth tones always. Sometimes I even want the same top, or dress, in white, black and cashew. Can you blame me? Everyone looks good in neutrals. But I’m here to tell you basic neutrals aren’t so basic. 

When your wardrobe is focused primarily around barely there colors your accessories, fabric and print make a huge difference. They can turn a dull outfit into a standout piece. If you read my latest post about how jewelry can transform your look then you already know how to expand on what you have by adding a pop of sophistication by layering a statement piece or timepiece. Classic always wins. And don’t forget pearls! 

A few other pieces that add a luxurious factor are knee high boots, overcoats, floor length dresses, festive party pieces, fitted blazers, stockings — I’m going to keep talking about wearing stocking this winter — extra puffy, overstated sleeves and belts. Chunky belts that you can wrap around coats,  dresses and trousers. Always invest in versatile pieces. Most of us own a few of these winter basics already but if you are looking for a good steal I’ve rounded up my top picks for Black Friday. I have my eye on more feathers, tailored, and over-the-knee high boots paired with trenches. See you at the checkout. 



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