Kilian Good Girl Gone Bad
by Kilian “Good Girl Gone Bad” $260 USD

Last month I was shopping for a new fragrance to wear for the transition of summer into fall when I found Kilian “Good Girl Gone Bad.” I alternate between a few favorite perfumes throughout the year but I wanted one scent that worked for all occasions. The packaging of this bottle is a snake jeweled clutch much different from the box sets I am used to. This 1.7 oz aroma of flowers is great for the change of season with a light crisp feel perfect for fall and winter. If you’re searching for something romantic with a hint of floral Kilian has a variety of scents. For men I’m currently obsessed with Frédéric Malle “Portrait of a Lady.” Frédéric Malle’s collection is universal so the perfumes can be worn by women and men. I love to wear Frédéric Malle especially in the summer months.

Frédérick Malle "Portrait of a Lady"
Frédérick Malle “Portrait of a Lady” $365

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