I f my thirties have taught me anything, it is that gorgeous sun-kissed skin doesn’t require hours of poolside lounging. After years of damage control, from a decade of direct sunlight, I’ve mastered the secret to maintaining my youth and streak-free resort style glow.

I put a variety of at-home creams, sprays, lotions to the test. I found a lot of great solutions for spray tanning that I can recommend but my overall pick for “Best Self Tanner” goes to: Neutrogena MicroMist Tanning, Sunless Spray, Deep 2. I use level 2 but if you are looking for a deeper tan level 3 is the one you want. If need a quick airbrush tan for an event I highly recommend Amy at The Spray Studio. She is lovely to talk to and her service is 5 stars.

Most self tanning sprays leave you tan for 3-7 days. Spray tanning is a great temporary fix for those times you need a tan and haven’t seen the sun in ages. For the price Neutrogena is my favorite pick because of the long lasting effects it has. It’s easy to apply and remove. Neutrogena lasts up to 1 week, longer than most competitors, and gives you quick results while protecting your skin. Maintaining a summer glow can be expensive, but for just $9.99 (prices may vary at drugstores) this bottled spray tan is a steal.

Having the right bottle doesn’t mean you will achieve maximum results with a quick spray and go. There is an art to perfecting the best spay tan techniques. With sunless tanning sprays there is a key essential necessary to maintain a perfect glow.

Supplies Needed For Best Self Tanner Sunless Spray

Tips For Tanning

  1. Exfoliate the entire body
  2. Shave before applying spray
  3. Dry off entire body then apply lotion on hands, palms, nails and nail beds, any dry areas on your body (elbows, knees). Apply lotion to the tops and bottoms of feet and toe nails as needed.
  4. Stand on a towel and spray each inch of your body thoroughly holding the bottle 6″ from the skin. Make sure to spray evenly to create the same shade throughout. I do not spray my face, neck or hands because they are already exposed to the sun daily. I VERY lightly spray my feet.
  5. Once you have completely sprayed your entire body slowly roll the high density foam roller across your body with emphasis on every corner, crease and ab.
  6. After you have evenly rolled your entire body with the high density foam roller rinse hands, feet, fingernails and toe nails thoroughly with soap. I recommend using wet wipes and/or soap and water. I scrub my hands to avoid having them turn a darker shade or orange color. I do the same with the bottoms of my feet lightly brushing the tops with wet wipes.
  7. Once you have completely wiped down your hands and feet use a fan or blowdryer to air dry your body. I recommend a cooler to medium temperature.
  8. After you are dry I suggest wearing lose fitting clothing. You should wait 6-8 hours for maximum results before showering, however, you can shower after 4-6 hours. I generally spray tan myself in the early evening and rinse off the next morning.

Now that you are sun kissed and ready for the beach enjoy your natural looking glow. When your tan begins to peel away I would repeat steps 1-8 to maintain your beautiful spray tan.

**** Please note: If you no longer want to maintain your darker shade exfoliate deeply with a great body wash. Scrub excess tanning spray from your skin. After 1-2 washes your body should be rid of your sunless spay tan.





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