An entrepreneur with his is eye on the prize, Booger Jones, isn’t slowing down for anyone. This week’s “Man of the Week” has created a social following of more than 30.k followers with inspirational captions on Instagram and “magical style powers,” as has he calls it. I agree, there is something captivating about Booger’s vibrant clothing and action packed poses that reel you in forcing you to stay on his his IG feed. 

Our trendsetter is more than an explosive personality and IG sensation. Booger works as a Marketing Strategist. Behind his social facade Booger is building his own empire. Stay tuned for the launch of his marketing company and blog coming soon! I’m excited to see what this visionary has in store for us. For now you can binge on his influential photography and collaborations with brands like @dappermensshop and shop your very own ‘Retro Punk Style’ glasses and ‘The Dapper Ring’ using his discount code BOOGER25 for 25% off. 

Booger has proven the best way to achieve success and wow his audience is his authenticity, but he doesn’t take all the credit. Booger recently teamed up with aspiring photographer, August Rose, who I should mention is 13 years old. Up and coming, very talented, Rose, reached out to Booger via IG to work together on a photoshoot. Not certain Booger would respond, August was surprised when Booger was excited to shoot with August. Booger’s humble nature is part of what drives you to root for his continued success. A man who utilizes his voice to spread positivity and promote others like August Rose. Booger your Mama always told you that you were special and we agree your Mama was right! Especially talented, too. 

Settle in because you’re in for a ride getting to know more about this weeks “Man of the Week.” An innovator who hustles to make his dreams a reality and wants you to do the same. Never forget Boogers coined phrase “There are those that ‘Do’ and those that ‘Don’t’ whichever direction you choose be confident in that direction. NO EXCUSES, NO COMPLAINTS.” the next time you’re working towards making your dreams a reality. #MCM.

Connect with Booger: Instagram

BOOGER JONES MAN OF THE WEEK  1. Any major highlights this year?

As a Marketing Strategist, I have been in the works of starting my own company. So stay tuned for that! 🙂

2. What is your go-to fashion must have?

Shoes & my Retro Punk Glasses.

3. What song do you have on repeat at the moment?

Childish Gambino – This is America

4. Best dating advice you would give someone?

Be Honest. Be Yourself. ALWAYS. 

5. What’s the one thing on your bucket list you want to do before your die?

Get a full 8 to 10 hours of sleep, HAHA.

BOOGER JONES MAN OF THE WEEK6. One thing you love to see a girl wearing?

Anything that shows their legs haha. I have an obsession for nice legs. 😛

7. Name one thing you can’t live without?

Oxygen, HAHA, but honestly the one thing I could not live without is my personality. I feel my unique/fun personality plays a huge part in defining who I am and how I proceed with life from a different perspective.

BOOGER JONES MAN OF THE WEEKBOOGER JONES MAN OF THE WEEK8. What is your fondest travel memory?

The second time I went to Vegas was epic. From what I remember. 🙂

BOOGER JONES MAN OF THE WEEK9. What is the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you?

The first thing that comes to mind is when I was younger and learning how to drive. I remember driving through a shopping area and there was this girl with a really nice booty that caught my attention. Me being distracted, I ended up scratching the entire drivers side door against a light post. There was no chance of being cool after that lol. Moral of the story focus on duties, not booties, HAHAHA. 

 10. Who’s the most stylish person on the planet for you right now

Slick Woods.

BOOGER JONES MAN OF THE WEEK11. Any exciting plans you are looking forward to before the end of the year?

Looking forward to the release of my marketing company, along with my personal blog, and many upcoming branding deals as well. It is going to be busy year for sure.

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