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With the official launch of “Man of the Week” I am thrilled to introduce to you the multi-talented Carl Noble Raether Jr.  It is true his middle name is Noble, and yes the name fits the personality.  Though Carl demonstrates a number of fine personal qualities anyone would agree deserves “Man of the Week” that is only a small token of his talent and accomplishments.

To be fair, this is a style column so I have to pay credit to a man that knows how to dress.  Being a style icon may come more natural to a globetrotting well-established musician/photographer like Carl.  If that didn’t play a role in Carl’s “cool guy” rocker good looks, maybe it was a combination of living in a few of the most favorable cities in the United States: D.C., Dallas and Los Angeles.

Though Carl is a Washington, D.C. native he began his music career performing solo acoustic sets as a punk and country influenced singer/songwriter in Dallas, Tx.  He later found himself back in D.C. performing in the punk scene as a bassist for punk/reggae outfit The Issue.  With a variety of musical acts under his belt he relocated to Los Angeles with D.C. alternative rock band Spectre where they began recording what would become their self titled album with producer Shaun Lopez.

Carl currently resides in Los Angeles.  Having performed with a notable list of bands: Joey Cape’s Bad Loud, Stiletto Black, Christian Martucci, Joshua Ketchmark, Max Cady, Marishi Ten, Superficial Saints, Spectre, Rotoscope, The Little White Pills, The Issue, to name a few, he made his debut with LA metal/punk rock band Warner Drive.  You may have seen Warner Drive perform at the Marquis Theatre in Denver, CO July 2015 before wrapping up their European tour in the fall.  Carl continues to play bassist while enjoying photography as a freelance side project.  You can find him playing at household music venues throughout Los Angeles most nights. Carl is currently scheduled to play gigs with: Pvsher, Max FiteShaynaMax Cady. See Carl Live!

Upcoming Shows

8/3 Max Fite @ Club Moscow at Boarders, Hollywood, CA

8/4 Max Cady @ Loaded, Hollywood, CA

8/19 Pvsher @ Viper Room, West Hollywood, CA

Connect with Carl: WebsiteFacebookInstagram, TwitterYouTubeSoundcloud

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1. Any major highlights this year?

Wow, where to start.  2016 has been good to me so far.  It’s been a hectic schedule blending my music career (playing in several bands around town) with working freelance on the week days, and still making time to keep my personal life and relationship in a healthy place.  It kinda seems like a series of fortunate events that really have me feeling like the year as a whole has been one big highlight.  I guess, if I had to point to one thing, that would be Slash and Duff rejoining Guns N’ Roses and getting to see them play this summer.  GNR was the rock band that really inspired me more then any other band.  I mean, like 9 years old pointing at the boom box and saying “I wanna do that for a living.”  They were so good back then, and they’re all just that much better musicians now.  I’m such a nerd when it comes to all things Guns N’ Roses.  I could go on and on.

2. What is your go-to fashion must have?

Two part answer.  Part 1: I’ve got this Straight To Hell Apparel vintage biker jacket.  Black leather, English biker style.  I got it about 3 years ago and just probably in the last year finally managed to get it broken in and get rid of that new jacket smell.  Part 2: I’m also a huge fan of the Ramones and I’ve been collecting Arturo Vega/Ramones inspired shirts.  Basically shirts that blend classic pop culture with the Ramones logo.  I got the inspiration from seeing a couple of different Ramones shirts in theme from “That Thing You Do.”  One shirt said ONEDERS on it and the other said WONDERS and had the 2 different line ups, subbing TB Player with Wolfman.  I’m still trying to get my hands on 1 or both of those.  In the meantime, I’ve got one shirt for The Ramones Museum in Berlin that a friend gave me, another for The Green Room in Dallas, TX, which is a favorite hang when I’m in Dallas.  I’ve also found a Star Wars themed shirt that says REBELS on it, and just yesterday I scored a GHOST BUSTERS themed shirt that says Peter, Egon, Ray, Winston on it.  It also says “Don’t Cross The Streams.”

3. What song do you have on repeat at the moment?

“My Father’s Gun” by Justin Jones.  The song just speaks to me on multiple levels and builds to this intensity that gives me chills.  Justin is an incredibly gifted DC based singer/songwriter, a great human being, and an old friend.  I’ve been really lucky to know him for as long as I have.


4. Best dating advice you would give someone?

Be open.  Be honest.  This is a lesson I really had to learn the hard way.  Don’t be stubborn about it.  That’s another lesson I had to learn the hard way.

5. What’s the one thing on your bucket list you want to do before your die?

I’ve wanted to see New Zealand for a LONG time.  I’d love to get down there at some point.  Hopefully be able to play there too.

6. One thing you love to see a girl wearing?

This question is really hard!  Some knee high, high heeled black leather boots on a girl is always really sexy to me.  I don’t know why.  Otherwise, I think a girl who is wearing her outfit with confidence always catches my eye, doesn’t matter what the clothing/outfit is, as long as she’s confident in herself and in that the outfit she’s wearing looks good on her, that clothing just pops.  Example: My girlfriend recently purchased a white Free People summer dress that I absolutely love.  The first time she tried it on, I knew she had to keep it, it looked amazing on her.

7. Name one thing you can’t live without?

A good leather jacket, ideally black, and a good pair of ear plugs.  A good pair of shoes helps too.

8. What is your fondest travel memory?

Two part answer.  Part 1: When I was 12 or 13 I had a chance to go to Prague right after Communism had fallen.  Prague is one of the last medieval cities in Eastern Europe, it was not touched by World War I or World War II.  I remember the city being so beautiful and almost perfectly preserved in it’s historic center lining both sides of the Vltava River.  I also remember this energy in the air as the city had this sense of hope and excitement in the months fooling the end of Communist rule and the election of a free and democratic government.  I’ve been dying to get back ever since.  Part 2: My first ever European Tour as a musician.  I got to go with Joey Cape’s Bad Loud in 2013.  The package was us, Scorpios, and Armchair Martian.  Russ Rankin from Good Riddance joined us as the opener for the last week of the tour.  We played clubs all over Western Europe as well as 2 festivals, one in Austria, and one in Belgium.  I tried to get out and explore each city we played to the best of my abilities because I wanted to see whatever I could of them.  We’d get into each city, get checked into the hotel (sometimes this came first), go to the venue, load in, soundcheck, and then I was gone for hours.  I can guarantee I drove everyone a little crazy with my barely contained enthusiasm to finally be playing music in a different city in Europe every day for the better part of a month.  I have so many fond memories from that tour, too many to even begin to recall and share.  We didn’t play Prague on that tour though.

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9. What is the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you?

Probably deciding to move to LA.  Honestly, I’d never really been open to moving to LA until I started playing in a band in Washington DC called Spectre.  I’d been bouncing around the DC Punk Scene and the Northern Virginia “703 Music Scene” for a couple years and when I joined the band, the guys told me at my first rehearsal that they were thinking about relocating the band to LA at some point soon.  I looked at them and asked when were we gonna leave.  Just flying by the seat of my pants I guess.


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10. Who’s the most stylish person on the planet for you right now?

Probably my Dad.  He kind of always has been.  He taught me the value of being able to tie a tie, and wear a good suit, or a jacket and slacks.  My Dad was born in 1943, just a little ahead of the Baby Boomer Generation, so he’s got a bit of an old school view when it comes to how to dress.  He just knows how to look sharp.  Although, my favorite outfit of my Dad’s would be when he rocks some madras pants, a lighter color shirt, and blue blazer.  He owns it.  My Dad famously rocked that outfit at a Little White Pills (a punk band I played with in the early 2000s) reunion show at the Velvet Lounge in Washington DC back in 2008.  The guys in the band loved it!  He was by far the most punk rock guy in the room.

11. Any exciting plans you are looking forward to before the end of the year?

Tentatively, as we just started talking about it, my girlfriend and I are thinking about getting to London later this year.  In the aftermath of “Brexit,” the English pound has gone down in value a lot, so travel to England shouldn’t be as expensive as it’s been in the past.  We’re thinking about timing the trip around a possible Guns N Roses European tour later this year, which I firmly believe will happen.  Stay tuned.

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