Fendi 53mm Sunglasses

Last fall’s spring/summer 2016 runway-inspired looks reintroduced the classic cat’s eye sunglasses to the fashion world. As the fashion elitist got their hands on these sunglasses I couldn’t wait to try them out for myself. The avid Rayban lover in me makes it hard to join the “cool kids” club, but this time I caved.

I don’t particularly follow trends but when I see something I like I have to have it. While I was in Palm Springs for my birthday shopping for new clothes I stumbled upon a sunglasses store. After trying on every square, oval, heart and cat’s eye shaped pair of sunglasses I narrowed it down to these Fendi’s. I also liked the Fendi eyeshine collection, but these frames fit my face better (more proof that I don’t follow the trendiest trends). Theses shades are chic and very stylish. Much different from my round aviators I’ve been wearing for more than a decade. I also really like the palladium contrast against my skin.

Cat’s eye sunglasses compliment a variety of different looks: modern, bohemian, sophisticated, hip, all with the touch of clothing or a simple hair trick. For instance, sleek ponytails give the elusion of sophistication perfect for business attire. Wavy locks create a bohemian feel great for the beach. If you are the straight and narrow flat-iron type these sunglasses pair well with a modern wardrobe, and so on. Though I do believe there is a  perfect frame for every different proportioned face, the cat’s eye is very versatile and works well when you pair it properly with your personal style.

Whether just another seasonal trend, or a classic fashionista favorite, I love cat’s eye sunglasses. You can never have too many pairs of sunnies so I say rock them all and create your own trends!




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