T  en months ago you wouldn’t recognize me.  In fact, I didn’t recognize myself.  I was suffering from heartaches, chest pains and panic attacks regularly.  I didn’t know what was causing these symptoms or how to treat them.  Then, I realized I had anxiety disorder.  40 million adults in the United States are living with anxiety disorder.

My anxiety appeared much earlier in my life but went away after a brief stint.  I’m a worrier.  I have always worried about everything.  At the time my anxiety reached its peak I had  just gotten married, landed a promotion at work, rescued a dog, began extensive travel, embarked upon passion projects and moved into a new home.  I had endured a lot all at once.  Unknowingly, everything began to overwhelm me.  The anxiety became more persistent.  I had no way to control it, or so I thought, and I would suffer for hours sometimes days.  I spoke to physicians, read books, magazines articles and online resources but no matter what I tried nothing seemed to help.

There are 8 different types of anxiety.  If you are suffering from anxiety I encourage you to research them all to find the best treatment for you.  I was experiencing Generalized Anxiety Disorder aka GAD.  There are several medications doctors advised I could use to cure my symptoms however I practice holistic approaches to solving health issues so popping a pill was my last resort.  Since doctors, books and friends could not shed any light on the situation I started from a clean slate.  I rid all of my cleaning products, toiletries and beauty products replacing them with all natural made ingredients.  I changed my sleeping routine, meditated daily, worked out weekly and focused on things that made me happy.  Paid my bills early, worked harder, spent more time with my puppy, but the anxiety didn’t subside.

The anxiety had began to control me.  There were nights I was so terrified to fall asleep I would ask my husband to watch over me so I didn’t die in my sleep.  I had reached rock bottom and was frightened.  At the same time I was gaining weight from a poor diet.  After a 6 month self-evaluation to find a cure for my anxiety it dawned on me my eating habits were the one thing I had not changed.  I had always wanted to move to a gluten-free, diary-free, organic diet.  I knew I could not fully commit to an all vegan diet since I love meat, but there were substitutes I could make without compromising my cravings.

Eating a gluten-free, dairy-free, organic diet is not cheap, but it saved my life.  I haven’t experienced anxiety in 4 months and counting.  I am happier, healthier and living my dreams.  Being healthy is hard enough if you are someone who eats whatever you want, but it will change your life in the long-term if you make small changes to your diet now.  If you are suffering from anxiety I hope this article will inspire you to try a different approach to dieting and find peace and happiness throughout anxious times.  Changing my diet has made a tremendous impact on helping me to feel better and has encouraged me to workout everyday.  I am stronger and have more energy because of it.  Now I am continuously aware of what I put into my body and how it will affect my mind, body, brain and organs.

There are a list of amazing recipes made from gluten-free, dairy-free and organic options online.  Next week I will begin incorporating some of them into my blog to help get you started.  If you are someone who is suffering from anxiety, or a poor diet, start making small changes today.  Trust me, once you commit to healthier options you’ll see what a difference they make!


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