Classic Cars and Babes

There’s something about beautiful cars and beautiful women that fit together. Right now I’m into all things vintage. Especially recreating 60’s and 70’s classic cars and babes photo shoots. This orange Dodge matched my fruit print clothing so I had to use it for this shot. If you follow my blog you’ve seen me wear lots of matching outfits and prints this summer, and this lemon print is my favorite look of them all. I live in a beach community so if I can’t be in my heels everyday I’m a fan of anything I can wear with chucks and denim jackets. Side note: I bought this denim jacket in high school and still own it. Luckily it still fits! Talk about a lasting fashion staple! Denim is a must!

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Classic Cars And BabesClassic Cars And Babes
Classic Cars And Babes
Classic Cars And Babes
Classic Cars And Babes
Classic Cars And Babes


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