“Clean at Sephora” Increased The List of Banned Ingredients In Beauty Products

“Clean at Sephora” Increased The List of Banned Ingredients In Beauty Products
With the vastly growing number of eager beauty enthusiast to get their hands on the latest clean, green, and more-natural beauty products, Sephora announced they will be joining brands like Beautycounter in eliminating more than 50 toxic ingredients — previously 13–  from their “Clean at Sephora” line. Similar to Beautycounter’s “The Never List” which is transparent about eliminating over 1,500 questionable ingredients, more brands are being clear. Clean at Sephora’s clean movement applies to skincare, makeup, hair care and fragrances. They now offer 68 brands including: Drunk Elephant, TatchaFirst Aid BeautyGlow Recipe, COOLA and Lord Jones that are safer for you. Since Clean at Sephora has increased the list of banned ingredients in beauty products, I am excited to see more of this clean movement from brands and competitor retailers. 

By now if you aren’t concerned with toxicity in your products and doing your part to protect yourself from longterm conditions you might want to google “toxic products” news.  Birth defects, severe skin, respiratory irritation, allergies, the chances of cancer, ADHD and autism to name a few. Your life and health are worth investing in safe skincare, makeup, hair care and house-hold cleaning products. 

My initial reaction to switching to clean products was a no brainer. Between lawsuits, and worst case, people losing their lives, we need to spread the message so more people are aware of the dangerous side effects these controversial ingredients have. For me it’s been a lifestyle change not just a product switch. 

Sephora offers more than 2,000 product pages on sephora.com  clearly marked as “clean” so you can shop safer. Sephora beauty products are stamped with a green seal of approval for easy shopping. The expanded product list is live, so grab your beauty insider VIB Rouge Card and add paraben-free, sulfate-free, and other clean products to your shopping cart.  

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