36 hours wasn’t long enough so I booked a ticket back to Copenhagen for two more days to see what I missed the first time around. It ended up working out perfectly because a friend from the states who used to live in Denmark happened to be vacationing there at the same time. He took me to a few less touristy places so I could get a real feel for Copenhagen. After my first visit I swore I was part Danish. I truly love this country. The locals are so friendly and attractive might I add. I fit right in with my blonde  hair, too.

The morning after I arrived we went for a tour of the  Oregaard Museum and grabbed breakfast at the cafe afterward. If you’re indecisive about food this is the perfect spot; the brunch menu offers everything on one platter (photo below). After we finished our delicious meals we setoff for lots of walking. The architecture and color everywhere makes you happy. How could anyone ever be sad here with so much life outside. We walked a few miles before we arrived at Christiana aka the hippie community. Checkout this link for the back history if you aren’t familiar.  This self governing town is a free land where hippies buy, sell and enjoy marijuana. I felt like I was at Coachella dancing to live bands in the pouring rain with a beer and the famous polse  (hot dog to the rest of the world) in my hand. It was liberating. The rain started coming down pretty hard so we left to shower and get ready for dinner. I had been craving sushi for weeks since leaving California and I was desperate to try anything. I found a place in a neighborhood not too far from another restaurant I liked a lot so we settled on that. You won’t believe me when I say this, but if you are headed to Copenhagen and craving sushi you have to try Sticks ‘n’ SushiThe food was amazing! Love this place. 

Once again it was time to leave. I contemplated for hours whether to stay or go but I really couldn’t miss anymore days from set so I headed home. On the way to the airport we stopped at Joe & The Juice. My friend insisted I try it. The coffee is pretty strong, but just the right amount. Since there is a 5:1 Danish women to men ratio Joe had the right idea with his concept: hot model boys serving coffee all day, ummm yes! Perfect sendoff. Ladies Joe & The Juice is a must!


















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