T his weeks “Man of the Week,” Cory Hodge, is new to the IG scene, but you may know him from his work with fashion brands and industry creatives from various collaborations on photo shoots and fashion events. Cory admits being born and raised in the United States fashion mecca, New York, “a melting pot of all things FRESH,” has been one of his greatest influences.

Joining Instagram only 6 months ago hasn’t slowed Cory down from he’s quickly growing popularity and fanbase. Though his profile has allowed him to share, express and reach a broader audience of like minded individuals and other business professionals, it’s his style tips and uplifting motivational captions that prove he is on his way to the top! An impressive graduate of Morgan State University, Cory continues to work as a Behavioral Healthcare Administrator, though his biggest inspiration comes from his passion for music and travel. And with an extensive travel resume like Cory’s: Bali, Beijing, Havana, all over Greece, St. Lucia, Egypt, etc., I understand why he can’t live without a passport. You have the life, Cory!! We are all rooting for your continued success.


Get comfortable because you’re in for a thrilling read. This weeks “Man of the Week” turned curator, lifestyle enthusiast, traveling aficionado with an eye for style does it all! #MCM.

Connect with Cory: Instagram

CORY HODGE MAN OF THE WEEK 1. Any major highlights this year?

Yes, I started my IG page InTheWorldIknow this year. As a lifestyle enthusiast, this my first platform for sharing my love for style and travel. In addition, I traveled to Egypt for my first journey to Africa, oh what a feeling!

2. What is your go-to fashion must have?

I’m currently into lux textured motorcycle jackets. Suede, velour, silk, and uniquely crafted leather. Also, white denim jeans: I’ll be in white jeans a lot this spring and summer.  

CORY HODGE MAN OF THE WEEK3. What song do you have on repeat at the moment?

Masterpiece – by JP Cooper 

4. Best dating advice you would give someone?

Think outside the box. What’s more attractive than thoughtfulness?! 

5. What’s the one thing on your bucket list you want to do before your die?

I would love to throw a sick ‘Game of Thrones’ inspired winter formal something over the top in all the right ways.

CORY HODGE MAN OF THE WEEK6. One thing you love to see a girl wearing?

 There is nothing sexier than a woman wearing great shoes and a beautiful smile.

7. Name one thing you can’t live without?

  My Passport. 

CORY HODGE MAN OF THE WEEK8. What is your fondest travel memory?

I coordinated a trip to Greece with my friends. I utilized every mode of transportation possible. The vacation was literally like a James Bond adventure. We never used the same type of transportation twice: We island hopped from jumbo jet to propeller planes, cruise boats to sailboats, cars, ATV’s, donkeys, go carts. It was a ridiculous 007 vacation I’ll never forget.

CORY HODGE MAN OF THE WEEK9. What is the craziest thing that’s ever happened to you?

 I got stuck on a unsecured chairlift over the Great Wall of China! I was sitting on an ancient ski lift high above the ground with no security bar. I was just dangling while waiting for the motor to restart. I was praying and laughing at the same time.  Oh! And there was that time in Puerto Rico I won’t mention. 

CORY HODGE MAN OF THE WEEK10. Who’s the most stylish person on the planet for you right now

I haven’t got a clue!  I would have to sit on this question a little bit because that is like picking the recipient for the Nobel Peace Prize. I take style seriously. 

CORY HODGE MAN OF THE WEEK11. Any exciting plans you are looking forward to before the end of the year?

Morocco. I was invited to a birthday celebration abroad. My kind of trip! 

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