White Jacket: BCBG (Something Similar),Crop Top: Cross Roads Trading, Skirt: BCBG (Something Similar), Black Strappy Heels: Prada, Photography: Carl Raether

There’s something simplistic about the 80′s and 90′s that I miss. It was a time of  innocence and fewer responsibilities for me, but also a time of change, freedom and breaking all the rules. More than a decade later those adolescent years I loved so much are back. If only I had known then that I would fall back into my overalls, neons, high wasted shorts, leather and crop tops, I would have stashed boxes of clothes from my teenager years and revisited my childhood closet today. Maybe our parents were on to something sharing  hand-me-downs with our siblings.  While I continue shopping the racks of department stores and cute vintage and thrift stores along the way for fashion finds, I’ll also begin collecting boxes of oldies but goodies to store for a rainy fashion reinvent day. 


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