I was in West Hollywood for meetings so I did the usual drive around looking for a new lunch spot to blog about. I passed by Food Lab and the exterior looked appealing so I stopped in to grab a bite to eat. True to LA form, there were an eclectic group of hipsters, eccentric types and fit twenty somethings indulging on healthy salads and pressed juices. I only had a half-hour so I quickly ordered an organic turkey breast sandwich.

The inside dining area was filled to capacity at 1:30PM so I sat outside on the patio area. The patio seats roughly 15-20 people: it is quaint and tranquil. The patio was busy but quiet. The small covered area is surrounded by trees shedding just enough light to enjoy summer without a meltdown from the 100 degree temperature.

My sandwich arrived within a matter of minutes. The waiter neatly prepared silverware and napkins for me and placed my sandwich for me the table. My order was absolutely delicious although next time I’ll hold the honey and fig compote. I ordered gluten-free rye bread and it was tasty. Nothing like the cardboard texture some gluten-free breads have.

Before leaving the cafe I took a peek at other peoples orders to see what else looked good. From what I could tell the smoked salmon salad and tuna salad sandwich both looked yummy. The coffee and tea drinks looked pretty good also. I’ll definitely be back to eat at Food Lab again but this time I’ll try something different. Breakfast anyone!? If you haven’t been to Food Lab its a must-try! I imagine everything on the menu is a win-win!


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