How Coronavirus Can Help You Reconnect With Yourself

How Coronavirus Can Help You Reconnect With Yourself

A few days ago I saw an Instagram post from a woman talking about her person. As I read this woman’s caption and how she thought her person would have been a long-time boyfriend, or possible husband, I pondered if I had ever had one. It turns out as an adult her best friend had proven to be her soulmate, for lack of a better term. Her post got me thinking about people like myself who don’t have a soulmate. My mother is my constant, but do we all have someone unrelated to us to lean on in life, or a pandemic? The answer differs from person-to-person, but one thing I realized: I am my own person. COVID-19 has been scary and almost as terrifying as any of my worst fears. But Coronavirus is also the thing that’s reconnected me to myself, and here’s how you can reconnect with yourself. 

Hear me out… I was listening to Joel Osteen’s Podcast about “The Secret Place” when it dawned on me our place of comfort, trust and faith, is within ourselves. It’s great to have someone who’s there for you, but having ourselves is the strongest connection to God and our happiness that we have. As Joel spoke he used an analogy I love about a boat. He explained how a ship or boat is not in danger when it is out at sea. The danger of a ship or boat sinking is when it fills with water. The connection we have with ourselves is the one we are allowing inside. What you feed your mind and give energy to is what becomes you. 

What are you feeding yourself during this tragic time? As we search to find inner peace to remain sane, it is crucial to focus on positive thinking. I personally know how easy resorting to negative thinking is. Which is why I have practiced a simple lesson of stepping away from stress or fear and redirecting my attention. For me that’s been a lot of DIY home decor redecorating and painting. When I relax my mind from the global picture, I can focus on small things that bring me happiness. Remember those things we all say we want to do one day, like clean out our junk closet, write a book, workout. Now my fear is transformed into power and a place of peace. I can focus on doing those things I always wanted to do while still staying connected to the news without fear.

Every time I take the pressure off of what’s out of my control I am able to let go, allow my faith to take over, and enjoy this time. Like many of you, I’ve been without a job for two months now. I have no clue what’s next. All I know is that right now in this exact moment everything is fine. Find a way to release the pressure of turmoil inside your mind and stop reliving the stress. Operate from a place of hope. Connect with yourself and what you need. A bubble bath, good book, bottle of wine, date night. Indulge in what you can do to keep your inner mind pure. The frustration will only drag you down so find the silver lining. 

Release the bitterness on the inside to make room for good breaks and good fortune that’s coming. Check in with yourself. Listen to your mind, body and soul. Feed it what it’s asking for. The isolation and quieter time has reconnected my desires and passions. Its ignited feelings I thought I had lost and reminded me I don’t need anything or anyone to satisfy me besides myself. It’s brought clarity to my new normal, and helped me realize there is still plenty of time for all of my dreams. There is still time for your dreams also. This temporary roadblock might just be the storm that saved you from something bigger, but you have to keep going to find out for yourself. 


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