How Jewelry Can Transform Your Look

How Jewelry Can Transform Your Look
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They say diamonds are a girls best friend, but jewelry as a whole is. It is as important to pair the right statement pieces and timepieces with your outfit as it the perfect heels and handbag. I have to admit my relationship with jewelry dates back to a lot of superstition. Necklaces and rings that have brought me great memories and some of the worst memories. Which is why my jewelry box keeps expanding. I could stand to gain a few more rings and watches, but I have mastered the art of building a great collection of earrings, necklaces and bracelets. 

Adding jewelry is like wearing red lipstick. It makes you standout in a crowd and feels sexy. It’s a conversation starter and personal style that reflects yourself in a very intimate way. My friend Annika always wears a ring on her pinky finger that her grandmother gave to her. It’s timeless and elegant and tells a lot about her style without saying anything at all. I love the history behind her favorite piece and the way it looks on her. The same is true about my favorite pieces. Believe it or not one is a gold mickey mouse ring my mom got me when I was a teenager and a diamond tennis bracelet I never take off. And let’s not forget my simple diamond studs. Just a few of my favorite pieces. 

Public Figure Chiara Ferrigni is someone who’s jewelry always looks perfect. She has a subtle way of mixing statement pieces with classic pieces. An iconic personality who’s “more is more’ is always on point and overstated. Though too much is not for everyone, a bangle, delicate chain, gold watch or powerful hoop earrings can transform your personal style and look immediately. My fashion motto: When your outfit needs a little makeover just add jewelry. 





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