Is Blind Dating The New Singles Reality?

Is Blind Dating The New Singles Reality?
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The first time I saw Love Is Blind I couldn’t help but wonder if I would have more luck speed dating behind the wall of a pod versus scrolling through dating profiles. The idea of matching with eligible bachelors who seem perfect through a series of questions and compatibility was enticing. Swiping to find the perfect match in modern terms means searching for someone to keep a text conversation going. It can be empty. I admit I am the worst. I match with someone, talk with them for a day, and then never get on the app again. Would a blind conversation really go anywhere in real life? I can’t help but question, is blind dating the new singles reality?

Since technically an app doesn’t involve a pod or speed dates, and we can see the person, it isn’t completely blind. However, the amount of people who only post the best photos of themselves, aka 5-to-10 year old photos, feels blind. Romancing a stranger you think is the person in the photo just to find on a FaceTime date they are not. Since the entire world is experiencing this lockdown, singles in a way are all blind dating. Some people have developed real emotional connections and bonds with a photo and a voice. And we once thought Her was strange.

I figured the only way to find out if I was really interested in blind dating was to develop an emotional bond with someone via texts and calls before agreeing to a FaceTime date, since we are social distancing. The test would be if the person didn’t resemble themself from the photos. Would I still have an attraction to them? To be honest, for me I have mixed emotions. While it did work per se, I need a physical attraction to sustain any relationship. Though everyones idea of physical attractiveness is different, I need the person I match with to look exactly like the person I matched with in the photos to solidify love is blind. Which I don’t think is asking too much. But again proves my theory that love, for most, is not blind

The problem is, sometimes even when they look like the person in the photos the chemistry just isn’t there. Mannerism, facial expressions and body language can affect your perception of someone. So the question, is love blind? As much as I hoped I would be the one person that could argue I would marry, or fall in love with a complete stranger; because we had an amazing emotional and mental connection, I don’t believe for the average person it is possible. There is so much more you need in a relationship that can only be found through physical contact. Not to say your initial judgment of someone can’t be accurate, and you won’t find love through blind dating, or FaceTime dates during a pandemic, but the odds aren’t as high. 

As open minded as I am to who comes into my lifeI don’t believe blind dating is the key. Like anything, it might work for you, but I maintain my stance on organic meetings being a better indicator. Now the question is, when people; see who they fell for, how many people are going to ghost blind connections after COVID-19?



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