KATRINA GOLDFRIED MOM CRUSHA  fter more than a year blogging primarily about women’s fashion it was time to incorporate the real fashion icon’s into my blog: mothers.  For me, being a mother is the most commendable job any woman can have.  The natural instinct of taking on the role of miracle worker proving they can do it all is just the beginning.  Now they are quickly showing us they can do it all in style too.  These mothers and expecting moms have changed the fashion industry adding glamour to maternity clothes dressing up their growing baby bumps.  With a short turnaround time they are shedding weight faster than I can blink an eye (seriously!) maintaining their post-baby bodies and style.  I don’t know if it’s a trend, or the exaggeration of social media, but mothers today have unleashed their inner Beyoncé.  They are chic, fierce, girl bosses with style.

With the official launch of my weekly column “Mom Crush” I tracked down my favorite mom, the incredibly witty and intellectual Katrina Goldfried.  Not only is Katrina a wife, she is a loving mother of two handsome boys 3 years and 8 months old.  A house full of only men! Talk about needing a girls day, but if you are friends with Katrina or follow her Facebook and Instagram updates she makes motherhood look effortless always.  With so many questions in awe of how she rules the mom world I had to find out her secret to maintaining everything so flawlessly.

After chatting with the beautiful Katrina about her family life and favorite baby products, it’s true this mother of two is all smiles and style.  Let’s raise a glass to women like Katrina!  This multitalented, educated and charismatic woman with supermom powers does it all remaining absolutely fabulous.  Katrina you are an 11 in my “Mom Crush” book!

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1. What is your secret to remaining stylish while pregnant?

I found I actually enjoyed dressing a lot when I was pregnant. I definitely had more time and energy to pull together cute outfits the first time around, but embracing the bump was really freeing for me. I found the styles I was drawn to during my pregnancies were so different than the ones I typically wear. I wore a lot of body con dresses, tighter tops, and lower necklines to flatter and flaunt my new curves. The second time around I was so sick and busy chasing a toddler that I relied solely on jewelry to appear more put together. Now that the kids are both on the outside flowy tops are really forgiving while I mask the last few pounds of remaining baby weight.

2. How has your expectation of parenting changed since having children?

I think my expectation of parenting has changed in every single way since having children. With my first, I was so opinionated when I was pregnant. I was absolutely going to do this or not do that. We cloth diapered our first son until he was 1. I didn’t even try it with our second. Ain’t nobody got time to launder diapers, no matter how cute they are! I think now that I’m a mom I’m so much more understanding and give people the benefit of the doubt. Instead of seeing the woman with the crying kid in a grocery store as a bad mom, I see her as the strong mother she is for not giving in to their child’s tantrum or fleeing the store. People need produce no matter how badly their child is behaving!


3. What is the one baby product that saved your life after giving birth?

Well, it’s not a baby product, but the most life saving item I had in my hospital bag was a bottle of champagne. Nothing tastes better than that first drink after a long day of labor. After that it was nice shower products and frozen pads for the win.

After we got home Bio Oil was my savior! It’s a cheap drug store buy and I basically slather my body in it to avoid or reduce the appearance of stretch marks. It’s also a great moisturizer for the winter and works great for baby massages. It’s also not a baby product but coffee definitely saved my life after kids.  Witch hazel is also incredible for all of your immediate new mom needs. It’s basically my Windex.

For the baby, having a Boppy Lounger was huge, as well as Aden and Anais swaddles and a baby carrier you’re confident using. Newborns sleep a lot so it’s good to have a lot of surfaces to put them on and a way to carry them that is easy and comfortable for you. Feeling like you can regain SOME semblance of your life can be important. Being able to wear the baby to Starbucks can help a lot.

4. Favorite thing to do in your alone (“me”) time?

My husband and I have this great policy where we take turns on weekends. He sleeps in on Saturdays and on Sundays I have my day. On most weeks, instead of sleeping in, I hit up the Bikram Yoga studio in my neighborhood. It’s a great way to get 90 minutes to myself.

5. How did you shed the pregnancy weight after giving birth?

Oh girl, is that a process. What most people don’t realize is that celebrities can do it so quickly because they have night nurses and can get a good nights sleep! Not to mention the nutritionists and personal trainers. It takes time to feel like you have the energy to spend working out. For me I found a mix of spinning, running, weight training and yoga to be effective. I still don’t fit into my pre-baby wardrobe quite yet, but I’ve got a full life and I’m trying to be patient. Lets just say I’m extremely glad the one-piece is back in style!


6. Any advice you would give other women about pregnancy?

Have an open mind and take all advice with a grain of salt. Pregnancy and labor are the most personal experiences one can have in their entire life! Nothing is more personal than the way your body grows a human based on yours and your partner’s DNA. It’s not even the same if you do it twice! Both of my pregnancies were entirely different and all factors (age aside) were exactly the same. Be kind to yourself and others and have an open mind about what you will and won’t do not only during your pregnancy, but your labor and in parenthood. There’s something beautiful in the unknown of this time. Slow down and enjoy it if you can. Things are about to get a whole lot louder!

7. What is your dream vacation?

I would love to go to a remote area of Italy and learn how to make charcuterie. I dream of days filled with wine, bike rides, fresh bread and pasta and cured meats.

8. Favorite children’s clothing brand?

I find much like big people, little people’s clothes fit differently based on your child’s body type. I make gigantic children (my sons were born at 9 and 10lbs respectively) so a lot of brands just didn’t fit right when they were “little”. Baby Gap was always a solid go to, but Carters honestly just fit them really well. We also have a pair of baby Diesel jeans that have gone through every child of my husband’s siblings and they’re now on their fifth kid! They are just too cute for words.


9. One piece of advice you will share with your child/children from your own past experience?

There is good in every person and fun in every day. Some times it’s harder to find in different people or days but it’s always there. Look hard and find it.

10. What is your child/children’s favorite toy?

My 3 year old loves all things Thomas and anything with wheels. My husband and I spent the better part of a decade living in Brooklyn without a car so I have no idea how he became naturally obsessed with vehicles. I think it’s really a boy thing that’s just built in his DNA. By extension, my 8 month old loves anything that interests his brother so he’s also into trains and cars. Although, when push comes to shove I’d have to say his brother is his favorite toy.

11. Best diapers on the market and why?

I never thought I’d have such an opinion on diapers but it can be such a polarizing topic! As I mentioned before, I was very pro cloth diapers and used Bum Genius 2.0 solely for the first year of my son’s life. They were great and did the trick but damn if that wasn’t a lot of work. You have to have the right detergent and washing equipment then you can only use a specific kind of diaper cream, etc. It’s definitely a labor of love in my humble opinion. Now that we have two kids in diapers and they’re both eating solids, I swear by Costco diapers. They come in (obviously) huge packages, they’re less expensive per package than most brands and they have this neat strip on them to tell you if there is moisture in the diaper, which comes in handy more than you would expect!

12. What is the best thing about being a mother?

It sounds completely corny, but my kids complete me. I fell head over heels in love with their father and felt like I had a full life. Then we had our first son and he just shattered my heart with the amount of love I could have for a person and that has only been amplified by our second son.  And honestly, I think I love my husband more now than ever before! To see the incredible people we’ve made and to see him be a doting father is just the greatest gift life can give you. I have a messy, hectic life full of loud and dirty boys and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I am truly a better person because of them. But I am going to need my own bathroom sooner than later. Mama needs a soaker tub and some peace and quiet.

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  1. that’s my baby girl , she finds the good in any and everything !! Katie is just a special person ,love her !!

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