Shirt: Equipment, Jeans: Zara, Shoes: Stella McCartney 

I’m an LA girl. 15 years and counting. Laid back, free spirited, so-cal vibe kind of girl. The only thing missing is I rarely wear jeans and tees. I prefer to be in heels and dresses in the dead of winter. When I saw this plaid shirt at Scoop NYC I wanted it immediately. You know those times you hold out on buying something because you don’t necessarily need it, or really shouldn’t spend the money but once you leave the store you can’t stop thinking about it? That’s the story behind this shirt. I’ve been on the hunt for something red. Red everything to be exact. Dresses, shoes, clothing: I want to fill my closet with red. So far this is my first purchase and I couldn’t be happier. Plaid is great for everyday wear and long sleeves works for the winter months. Plus it feels a little festive. Since I’ve been a shopping machine lately it was time practicality sat in and I bought a pair of shoes I could actually wear running around town. I love heels but my knees hate me for it. I found a happy compromise with these Stella McCartney platforms. Stylish enough to dress up a pair of jeans but not as casual as flats. Plus they are comfortable and I’ve always been a little obsessed with stars. Now I feel like a true Cali babe in my effortlessly cool duds. 🙂



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