It’s been said all things worth having take time. I can attest to this belief when talking about my beauty rituals and cosmetic care. After all, caring for your skin while maintaining a youthful appearance takes the right treatments and commitment.

Seven months ago Leaders Cosmetics USA sent me a care package full of sheet masks. They were so generous in their donation not sparing a single mask: hydrating, pore minimizing, anti-aging, calming, brightening, the list goes on and on. Having always been a beauty addict with a skin gym membership to Kate Somerville I am a self-proclaimed beauty guru. Though I have never received any cosmetic surgeries, I do maintain a recurring monthly Dermalucent red/white facial, but it wasn’t until I received these sheet masks that I found out what I was truly missing.

I have extremely sensitive skin so testing new products is half the battle. Will it or won’t it work? Am I going to breakout? The struggle is real. There’s more to it than that however. Maintaining your skin to create a gorgeous glow means putting forth the work. It doesn’t just happen over night. Sheet masks can provide a noticeably different appearance depending upon the brands you use and how often you apply them. I dedicated myself to Leaders for seven months and counting. In order to fully analyze their products I needed to get to the core and see if these sheet masks were long-lasting remedies to beautiful, healthier skin.

Over my trial months I traveled across the globe with my carry-on packed travel size sheet masks in tote. Leaders Cosmetics USA sheet masks are the perfect facial for those on the go. I use them twice weekly every opportunity I get: first thing in the morning before starting my day, between hotels and airplanes, and relaxing after nighttime showers. What I’ve concluded is that in under 20 minutes I gain 5 years of youth. I have to admit I was skeptical at first because I have paid thousands of dollars to receive the same fresh faced, firming and hydrated skin these masks provide at a fraction of the cost.

For newbies and cynics its important to note I did see a difference after just one use, however, it was my commitment to Leaders Cosmetics USA over time that has helped to repair my skin and replenish my younger appearance. For only $4.00 a mask (prices may vary between masks) this is the best investment I have ever made on a beauty product. Currently my favorite sheet mask is the brightening mask, but I swear by all of them.

If you are spending thousands of dollars on day spas and clinics, or cannot afford this level of treatment I urge you to explore new beauty routines. Start by taking a chance on Leaders today! With or without the professional assistance of a clinic you can achieve the same satisfaction. I assure you you won’t be disappointed. Better than that, I guarantee you will gain more compliments than you paid for :).


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