Fourteen years of living in Los Angeles will drive you to the suburbs for a change of scenery. Today was a special trip because I was visiting a girlfriend for lunch who is nine months pregnant. I knew when she suggested Lincoln to satisfy her pregnancy cravings we were in good hands.

Lincoln has a quaint, homey charm to it. A cute artist feel that’s very inviting. It is the perfect cafe suitable for business meetings, family brunches, friendly reunions or even a solo coffee date over a great read. I imagine they host beautiful private parties. Now that’s a thought for my next blogger party!

The friendly staff is exceptionally knowledgable about the menu and helpful with recommending the perfect dish. I wanted it all: pancakes, turkey cobb sandwich, salmon, croissant; everything sounded divine. I settled on the shrimp bowl because I was looking for a filling dish on the healthier side, which I highly agree with the waitress was perfection. On the way out I ordered an almond latte to-go. It was made at the perfect temperature and very tasty. None of that acidic after taste, it was smooth to the last sip. They brew Stumptown coffee which is my favorite so I bought a bag of whole beans for the house. I love the hair bender!

Before I left the cafe I quickly browsed the store while listening to their great folk-alternative playlist. They sell a collection of arts and crafts, books and bags which is fitting for the ambiance in the restaurant and boho vibe of the cafe. Lincoln is the perfect one stop shop. Dare I say they give some of my fav local West Hollywood cafe’s a run for their money. If Lincoln were closer to my house I would be here everyday, until then I’ll be dreaming about their delicious pastries and treasures.





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