A few months ago I decided to take a trip to Europe during a month hiatus from work. I hadn’t been to London in a few years so when my friends suggested meeting there and traveling together I jumped on the opportunity. It’s a great hub for international travel: If you’re a frequent flyer member like myself then you know you can find great deals using miles during off peak seasons, or booking tickets months in advance. That being said, there are other great resources I use for last minute affordabe airfare and lodging, too.

So it begins! I took the redeye to London because I’ve found it to be the best option to beat jet-lag. I typically sleep the entire flight so I don’t lose a full day when I land. It was essential for this trip because I only had 48 hours in the city. Though I spent most of my time between Cambridge and Soho I was able to enjoy a whirlwind trip filled with great friends, good food, tourist attractions, art exhibits and shopping.

London was better than I remembered from previous trips. Of course that’s partly because we lucked out with the weather. I was there in mid-May: it wasn’t quite tourist season, but it sure did feel like it. I used Uber to get around the city. If you are looking to save money Taxi’s might be cheaper, but you can’t beat a 3 minute door-to-door car service for $5 more.

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