Jacket: Topshop, Pants: Zara, Scarf: J. Crew, Sunnies: Dior , Earrings + Ring: Vintage

After boarding a 7:30am flight from Los Angeles my friend Bonnie and I finally made it to Europe for our 2014 #TourDeEuro month vacay. First stop on our list, Madrid, Spain. We didn’t spare a minute upon checking in before the sightseeing began. Our journey across the Atlantic started with amazing tapas and vino followed by all night soirees including an American Super Bowl party hosted in our honor by locals themselves. From dinner parties with old and new friends, we indulged our way around meat and cheese plates and more sightseeing. Our journey started off in Madrid where it also ended a month later. I had such an incredible time that I’m already counting down the days until my return. 🙂


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