Masculine Sex Appeal For Women

Masculine Sex Appeal For Women
I have never been one to fit in. Trends, style, even down to my personality I don’t care to be like anyone other than myself. Both friends and strangers have all told me that I am proper, conservative and lady like. Something I pride myself on and believe my grandmother would be proud of if she were still alive. My mother often tells stories of a time years ago when I was a little girl and she dressed me. How I cried every time she put me in pants because I only wanted to wear dresses. Forever a girly-girl at heart. A girl who grew into a beautiful, strong woman with her own voice and unique style. 

Part of being the boss of my own life, when Gatsby (my dog) isn’t dictating the rules, has been finding what exudes confidence. It’s deeper than core values; it’s the entire package we are wrapped in. The way a woman carries herself speaks highly about her and the life she chooses. Something I am proud of despite the relationships it has torn apart with men who could not respect my self-worth.

Masculine Sex Appeal For Women Just recently I went out on a few dates with a charming man who I enjoyed. After lots of flattering compliments about my intellect, sophistication, independence and elegance he thought he could quickly diminish my worth by expecting me to drop everything for him after only knowing one another three weeks. As if a woman needs a man to survive. Just a side note, men we love the idea of companionship, but the truth is we are more than capable of supplying ourselves with everything we need (sex included). 

Masculine Sex Appeal For Women It is powerful and sexy when a woman radiates in a subtle way. When she can wear menswear inspired clothing and pull off the same aww factor she would receive in a gown. A woman who commands attention and owns everyone from the way she carries herself like a boss. The most compliments I have ever received were not when I was wearing a gorgeous dress or six inch heels, it was a fire engine red oversized women’s suit that I wore open with a lace bra and open-toe stilettos. I’ve worn a similar suit in white and in black. It’s not the suit that’s timeless however, it’s the woman who wears confidence and respect for herself.

Masculine Sex Appeal For Women
This New Years Eve ring in 2020 with a new attitude on your life. Empower yourself. Empower other women. Standout with a hint of masculine sex appeal. I guarantee you a man will never look as good in a skirt as you do in a suit, so the argument is over — women can have it all. 

Masculine Sex Appeal For Women

*** I bought this blazer and the heels at a thrift store when I was home for the holidays. The pants are from one of my favorite brands Anatomie (use code MONIKA10 for 10% off anything on their site). The bag is a vintage Bienen Davis from my mothers closet. I’ve linked similar more affordable options below. ***

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