Me Time

Today was one of those days I said 200 prayers asking God, “Why?” A car accident followed by disastrous working conditions continued into conflicts with everyone I have on speed dial. After one very large freak out, on my part, I had to check myself and ask myself, “Why is this happening?” Things have been rocky for more than a year now, but it wasn’t until I opted to go back to bed at 2PM (the first time I’ve had a peaceful sleep in months) and stayed there until I realized the problem wasn’t the world, the problem was me.

For months my body has been-telling me to take a break. But in fear of prolonging my Influencer status by missing a campaign obligation, not being an all-star employee at my real job, and overextending myself for loved ones, I became an unhappy overachiever trying to meet everyone’s expectations. It got me thinking about how little I do for myself. When was the last time I had me time? 

You are probably thinking about the last time you did anything for yourself. Can you honestly recall a time that didn’t involve work, family, friendships, children or pleasing other people? If you can, YOU are my hero! For the rest of you, it’s time to stop rejecting your bodies messages and join me in refocusing on what makes you happy.

Finding happiness can be difficult because we overlook simple pleasure for grandiose experiences: Travel, monetary satisfaction, high expectations. Contentment alone is not enough. 

The problem stems from those things. We have lost sight of our intuition and desires and replaced them with expectations of what we think life should be like as well as other’s needs and approval of us. But the trouble with that is trying to live the perfect life and make everyone around you happy is mentally and emotionally taxing. It can lead to stress or other related diseases that can kill you. As harsh as it sounds, facts are facts. This is an eye awaking sign to make changes.

Listen to your bodies internal message. If it is telling you to take a break, day off or time for yourself trust it. Your intuition knows you best. Once I listened to what my body was telling me I felt a sigh of relief. For the first time in years I nourished my temple and  found inner peace today. I didn’t work, I stopped responding to everyone’s demands of me and I put myself first for a change.

Sure it’s going to take practice to overcome my people pleasing and expectations of life, but in time my mental health and emotional stability will be stronger like it was today. I will survive difficult days with a smile knowing God may have this, but I GOT THIS, TOO! You have this, but you have to trust your intuition to make room for yourself to enjoy your life. Stay in your magic, baby! 



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