Non-Toxic Neon Nails For Summer

Non-Toxic Neon Nails For Summer



If 2019 has taught me anything it’s that neon and non-toxic are a complimentary duo. For the last few months I have shared my detoxified beauty cabinet. After tossing out a quarter of my toxic products in exchange for harmless products I filled the gap. Out with the old — in with the safe. I’m happy to share amongst the list of must-haves are my new favorite nail polishes. A tad superstitious, I typically stick to neutral shades, or a bright red nail polish, during my strict weekly mani-pedi schedule. However, I couldn’t resist these playful hues so I decided to live on the edge with non-toxic nails for summer. Yellow is my hero color. 

Now that I’ve upgraded my nail selection I’m noticing this vibrant trend everywhere. Scrolling through my Instagram feed and pinning I’ve seen more neon nails than pictures of Kylie Jenner. Nails are a great way to make a bold statement but not as permeant as dying or cutting your hair. If you aren’t ambitious, or have to tone it down for work, the bright summer nail look in ombre is a subtle way to enhance your natural nails. I’m obsessed with all of the nail themes and colorful shades circling around the internet. These rainbow-esque colors are happy colors so why not add a little joy to your day-to-day?! 


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What’s more: With the popularity of non-toxic chemicals in beauty products the number of safe nail polish brands and color options has increased. This trend started in late 2018 and has carried into this summer. It seems people have gone crazy for neon clothing, makeup and even hair dye. Girls night anyone? I see a neon beauty party in my near future! To celebrate this neon nail obsession with a full-blown neon color or subtle new shade I’ve rounded up my top non-toxic nail polish brands and colors for you. Can’t wait to see how you style your favorite colors this season. 


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