Nontraditional First Date Ideas: Los Angeles

Nontraditional First Date Ideas

Maybe I’m new here, but after a few first dates since becoming single, I’ve narrowed it down to new ways to change up the ideas we’ve adopted into our modern love language. While looking for the quintessential mate, wouldn’t it be nice to plan a less traditional first date, and experience life like The Bachelor while we are courting one another? I probably should have experimented with this theory in my last relationship, but here goes an attempt at my next first date. Not to say that my first dates haven’t all measured up, if not, surpassed my expectations, because they did. Only one man on the other-hand met my impressive requirement list– which I shamefully admit is a thing. Intellect preference being one of them: I’m a saposexual and would have been the ideal contestant on the Netflix binger Love Is Blind.

Though I’m not the only one who swipes trying not to discriminate against age, intelligence and hobbies, but the key is to get off the app, so I take dating serious. So serious my age parameters are fixed at a hard forty-to-fifty-five, which all of my girlfriends choke over considering  a lot of them are dating twenty-nine year olds. Which I see nothing wrong with as long as they are happy. However, I don’t know many twenty-somethings who want the same things as I do longterm, hence my dating pool. Age aside, looking for something sustainable requires commonality. Enjoying extracurricular activities besides sex. Although you should be practicing mating also.

The exciting potential of a partner who shares more than just conventionally planned first dates, and good looks, is why it’s important to date outside the box. To get a feel for how people are in real life: their sense of humor, style and self-awareness.

Here are few unique dating ideas to breakup the rut of planning a less traditional first date, or next date. Why not keep it interesting to see if more dates are in the cards. If your partner is into trying something new, and being adventures, this list has you covered. 

Nontraditional First Date Ideas 

Nontraditional First Date Ideas

1. Barnsdall Art Park

Barnsdall Art Park is both a gorgeous view of the city and perfect place to scope out the architecture. Lloyd Wright’s first-ever LA project, Hollyhock House, sits on this hilltop and is open for viewing with the purchase of a ticket Thursdays to Sundays. The park hosts wine tasting parties, outdoor movie screenings, gallery openings, and other cultural events. Picnic in the park anyone? 

2. Lotusland 

This may be foreign territory for the local LA goers, but if you are up for the drive Lotusland, in Montecito, is recognized as one of the ten best gardens in the world. The spectacular collections of exotic plants on the 37-acre property are a personal expression of Walska’s penchant for the dramatic, the unexpected, and the whimsical. If you love botanic gardens, Lotusland is home to several extraordinary plant collections and unique garden designs. If that’s too far to go for a first date there’s always my personal favorite The Huntington Library.

Nontraditional First Date Ideas

3. Electric Dusk Drive-In  & Vineland Drive-In

This one is still on my bucket list date ideas: Electric Dusk hasn’t announced new showings, but Vineland Drive-In has a list available now. If you are a movie goer this is the perfect way to steam up your windows and catch a flick. 

4. Cooking Classes with Cozymeal 

Since this requires booking in advance, it might not be a impromptu first date, but definitely second and so on. But if you are not into cooking, and want a personal dinner for two at home with a chaperon, Cozymeal’s private chefs for hire– some of whom have worked at Michelin-starred restaurants is a win. Feast and wine at home. Add a fireplace and this is calling my name now. 

Nontraditional First Date Ideas

5. Couples Spa Treatments For All Occasions 

A couples spa treatment might not sound like the typical first date, but count me in for anything that involves champagne, chocolate and pure relaxation in a  jacuzzi tub. If you are not into aromatherapy massages and facials you can opt for two different packages in the same room. Any takers? 

6. OUE Skyspace LA: Slide And Yoga

Slide 1,000 feet above DTLA at the top of the U.S. Bank Tower. Take in the spectacular views from California’s tallest open-air observation deck. Then, enjoy Skyspace Bar, where you’ll find LA-inspired craft cocktails, premium California wines, local craft beers and bites from the grab-and-go counter. If stretching is your thing, there’s also sunset yoga classes on the first Tuesday of the month on the observation deck.

7. EVOLEROS Sexercise Studio

“Couples that work together and stay together have better…” sex! The studios motto and guaranteed to show you a playful time. What’s hotter than sweating together and practicing yoga sex positions? The intro class is a perfect way for couples to get familiar with how Evoleros incorporates intimate positions with combining fitness and yoga to create an exciting sexercise routine that is guaranteed to be fun. In the class you will learn basic exercises and yoga poses that will improve your performance in some of our favorite classics such as the Elephant, Doggy Style, and Reverse Cowgirl. Okay this sounds like a fun class to get your friends together for too.

8. Two Bit Circus

Want to see how well you and your partner play together? An escape room-esque story room might do the trick. With interactive entertainment piloting spaceships, looting dungeons, and even performing surgeries you will enjoy a virtual reality experience meets arcade. It’s free to enter, then pay as you play. 

9. Griffith Observatory

The cliche’d catch the stars and picnic at Griffith Observatory date night. But, why not? If you haven’t experienced the scene of LA’s LA LA Land musical, and taken in enough movie romance, this is your spot. Take the scenic drive down Franklin Village to Griffith and stop at any of the Franklin Village restaurants– or my favorite, Gelson’s, to pack your own sunset picnic. Afterward attend the Star Parties held one Saturday a month, then head to Hollywood and keep the star sighting going at old classic Musso & Frank Grill for a cocktail. Just be sure to make a reservation.  

Nontraditional First Date Ideas

10. Malibu Wines: Revitalizing Minds Project 

Escape the inner city and head to the beach for a day of wine tasting and creativity. It’s only available from 5:00pm – 7:00pm on select days, but there are safari’s, hiking,  yoga and even reiki classes available outside of that short window if you want to try it all. 

11. Tour The Stahl House

Calling all my other architect lovers. Architect Pierre Koenig brought this three dimensional dream house to life for C.H. “Buck” Stahl and Carlotta Stahl. Now recognized as the top 150 structures on “America’s Favorite Architecture” list. In 2013, the Stahl House became listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Book in advance because ticket sellout months in advance. Sign me up, this is an ideal date for me!




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