Olivia Dixon Woman Of The Week

Olivia Dixon Woman Of The Week

This weeks Woman of the Week is red hot, Olivia Dixon. Olivia is most recognizable on social media as the girl who has the most luxurious hair: You have probably dreamed of hair like hers your entire life. I have! She’s a natural stunner with a larger than life smile and personality. This Nashville native who’s self-proclaimed motto reads “tremendously alive” is just that by the look of her Instagram feed. Olivia makes me want to toss all of my responsibilities aside and have fun all day EVERYDAY. Somehow she makes life and happiness look carefree although her job as a blogger requires hard work and commitment to achieve captivating photos like hers. This explains why Olivia is my top choice for Woman Of The Week.

Olivia is the girl you want to go on vacation with because you are guaranteed a great time, but also the girl you don’t want to be photographed with because she steals the spotlight. Jokes aside, her photographers most adore shooting with her as she is the perfect subject. I’m convinced Olivia has never looked bad a day in her life. Whether genetically blessed or great makeup and hair tricks, this babe is on fire! A true gem! A girl as gorgeous as Olivia with her friendly personality should have her own IG hashtag #kickitlikeliv. I want this babe on my Team! 

I’m excited to share this weeks Girl Boss with all of you!! Read the full story to see what Olivia’s beauty secrets are and who’s Instagram inspires her creativity.  

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1. Any major highlights this year?

My biggest highlight of the year was completing my senior recital and then graduating with a Bachelors of Music from Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee!

2. How would you describe your personal style?

I have always had a very boho, feminine style. When I was little, I refused to wear the preppy bows that my mom would put in my hair. She called me her little bohemian child!  As I have gotten older, I have added a more minimalist aspect to my daily style. I love the Aussie look as well and have been incorporating a Western-style influence into my personal fashion style.


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Sandy ear szn 🌈

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3. One travel destination you really want to visit? 

I have always wanted to visit the Taj Mahal!


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Raise your hand if you’ve ever felt personally victimized by the screaming two year-old that’s kicking your seat. 🦶🏼💺

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4. What song do you have on repeat at the moment?

Anything by The Beach Boys! Major summer vibes!


 5. Is there an IG Account, YouTube channel or Podcast that motivates you?

My insta-friend, Paige @paigearminta, has been killing the game ever since she took a leap of faith and made content creation her full-time gig! I love her out-of-the-box ideas, and it is so engaging and interesting how she brings her followers behind the scenes so much!


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Omg I’m so retro !! 🌈

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6. Your favorite skincare product or skincare procedure? 

I have used Rodan + Fields products for four years now and truly love them. People always say that they assume that I have had botox, and I never have, so it must be working really well!


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It’s called fa$hion look it up !!🦄⚡️Use LIVVIE for 20% off @ensorings #EnsoGoes

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7. What’s your go-to beauty must-have?

My lash extensions are definitely my must-have! I go to @landysandoval at Nashville Beauty Loft, and she is a queen! Having lashes makes it so easy for me to feel a little glam while on the go.


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Hats off to the weekend!⚡️🎀 May you spend it doing what you love.💓

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8. What does a typical work day for a girl boss like you look like?

I make a point to get some type of movement in every day. Making my health a priority has definitely benefitted my overall well-being. So, I usually work out in some way, I respond to emails, edit photos, draft and plan concepts and projects, and sometimes get out and shoot with photographers and/or friends! 

 My second job, which I started to make extra money in college, is being a Rover dog walker. I kept it up after I graduated because it gets me outside and off of my computer. I love animals so much, and it is so fun to say that your job is basically hanging out with dogs and puppies!


9.  Aside from blogging and working as an Influencer are there any passion projects you are dreaming of pursuing? 

I was a Voice Performance major in college, so I studied to become an opera singer. I would love to pursue performing in some aspect and am currently auditioning in different cities around the U.S.


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Aloha happens. 🌺⠀ Thank you @albionfit for the swimmie of my dreams 💫

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10. I love the BTS you share in your IG highlights. Who is the mastermind behind the curation of your photography? 

Thank you so much! I think that showcasing what happens behind the scenes is so insightful to my audience as well as entertaining! I come up with the majority of the concepts that we shoot, but the concepts definitely could not come to life without my brilliant photographers and their added creativity!


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