Pajamas That Will Keep You Cozy This Season


Pajamas That Will Keep You Cozy This Season
Khloé Kardashian. Courtesy of Good American.

If there is anything I cannot live without, other than electronics, it’s a really great pair of sleepwear. I have a growing collection that keeps getting bigger. I’m a lingerie girl, but with cold months ahead I’ve put together a list of cozy pajamas to keep you warm and stylish this season.

As a fashion lover I’ve built a wardrobe around looking and feeling good all the time. Which includes being cute at home, too. Though I love an oversized tee and a pair of boxer shorts, nothing competes with a chic pajama set. 

Whether at home watching Netflix, taking that red-eye to Paris, or enjoying a sleep over date night everyone deserves to look and feel fabulous in their intimates. Pajama party anyone? Shop all my favorite loungewear below. After all, who says you can’t rock a sateen pajama set out on the town? If Margot Robbie can do it and look fabulous so can you. 





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