When I was a young girl my grandmother told me whatever I put on my face in my youth would reflect the appearance of my skin as an adult. She reiterated time and time again that you get what you pay for. That explains her beauty cabinet. At the time cosmetics and skin care seemed a financial obligation I couldn’t burden. After all luxury expenses when you are on a college budget isn’t sensible.

Through the first half of my twenties I got by on the necessities which included a variation of affordable drugstore over the counter products mixed with splurging on DIY treatments and creams. By my late twenties things began to shift and I realized my grandma was right. You have to love your skin if you want it to love you back. It was then that my bank account and credit cards took a huge hit with monthly facials and anti-aging creams. By now I’ve tried them all. With tens of thousands drained on skin care and no real improvements it was time to make a change.

It happened by a fluke chance one evening after work when I went to the department store I buy all of my beauty products from. The facial cleanser I had been using religiously for a decade was discontinued. I have extremely sensitive skin so switching to a new cleanser is always part trial and error of will this or won’t this break out my skin. The specialist working the counter did a quick consultation of my skin and recommended Philosophy Skin Care products. I asked for a sample and did my due diligence on the lineup while I tested the product. After serious consideration I decided these products seemed a good fit for my skin. Its been 6 months since I made the transition to the Philosophy line and my skin is thanking me for it.


Here is a List of Skin Care Products I Swear by

Change can be a good thing and so can changing your products and facial routine. I’ve found Philosophy to be a great product for me. As I familiarize myself with more of their lineup I will experiment with additional skin and body care products and keep you posted on what I find to be the most beneficial treatments. If you are skeptical and on a budget here is a link to help educate you on the first step to crossing over to a new face wash. This cream formula perfect for all skin types has won multiple Readers’ Choice awards and falls into a competitive price point compared to other products out there. If you are still not convinced, you can redeem samples from Sephora free of charge to see if this or any of Philosophy’s beauty products are right for you. If there isn’t a local Sephora in your neighborhood the following stores also carry Philosophy, and most department stores will generously offer you a sample.

Retail Stores and Websites that Sell Philosophy


When you are stuck in a rut and not sure what works and what doesn’t trying something new might be the right thing for you. With a fresh start to 2016 it is the perfect beginning to a new beauty regime. Plus if you purchase directly through you get 30% off of the website and 3 free samples with free ground shipping with a purchase of $50.00. Now thats a deal!

By using just three easy steps to cleanse, peel and treat your skin you will always look, live and feel your best. Cleaning your skin and makeup brushes is one of the most important things you can do to help maintain a healthy glow. The trick is to maintain skin care because it will become your best friend if you take advantage of it. Beauty products and treatments don’t require a lot of work to do their job, but they can’t start working until you begin using the right products regularly. Revitalize your skin and redeem your inner youth for a lifetime.

Beauty is more than skin deep thats why its imperative that you cleanse twice daily for maximum benefits. With clinically proven results take a chance on your skin and give your face the gift of time by helping reduce aging by taking preventive measures. With only a few quick steps to happier, ageless skin you still have time for all of the daily activities and chores in your calendar. Treat yourself to a healthier complexion and see results now!

How-to Cleanse, Peel and Treat Your Skin







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