Dress: Harper & Harlow, Lace Up Heels: Nicole Miller, Rings: Nordstroms , Bracelets: Bloomingdales, Photography: Carl Raether

Having always been inspired by art direction I’ve decided to shoot more editorial images for my blog and let the clothes I wear speak for themselves. Whether shooting in the desert, or walking down a runway, clothing is a form of self expression and confidence, and who doesn’t want to leave their individual mark?! This is my mark and the way I envision my clothes and feel in the things I choose to wear. The energy and emotion behind the articles of clothing we wear, why we chose them and how they make us feel is empowering. When my photographer Carl and I shot this look for the blog I had one thing in mind: A clear path with an endless destination. I chose this sexy, sheer dress for the railroad tracks to reflect the freedom and independence that comes with confidence. That’s what sold me on the rack; it oozed confidence in a liberating capacity. When I wore it I felt strong. Yeah, initially I was skeptical if I could pull it off, but with the right attitude and these to-die-for, attention- stealing heels, I made my statement: A bold statement! “Sheer Tracks” to me is my way of exposing my inner self, alone and at risk with daring elegance. Standing on those tracks in that sexy dress was risk taking, and yet feels like the safest of bets. This summer

Go for BOLD Statements and Make Your Own Mark of Empowerment.



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