Should You Add Collagen To Your Daily Routine?

Should You Add Collagen To Your Daily Routine?


Since the 80’s we’ve heard stories of people getting collagen injectable fillers to plump lips. It wasn’t until recently that I noticed a growing demand for collagen alternatives. Edible collagen is now in the form of supplements, protein bars and powders. There are also serums and creams. Between advertisements and boss babes raving about collagen I was curious to see how it effects our bodies. With research proving benefits the question remains. Should you add collage to your daily routine? 

Collagen is a protein known to bind tissues. In recent years there have been studies proving edible collagen can impact the appearance and improve skin, ease arthritis symptoms, and help aid wound healing. Ingestible collagen isn’t the only way to repair your skins elasticity. However, if you choose edibles it is important to find a collagen supplement that passes the heavy metal contamination tests. Find a company who advertises how they keep metals to a minimum.

For those who prefer a liquid collagen it’s possible you will invest more money initially but see quicker results with a softer and brighter complexion. A naturally sourced collagen serum like Algenist Genius Liquid Collagen is a bit pricey but you will get bang for your buck. Side note: Algenist has a collection of products I’ve used for years and swear by. I also love a clean collagen powder like Be Well in my morning smoothie.

Should You Add Collagen To You Daily Routine

Collagen is one of the main components that makeup our skin and elasticity so knowing the right intake of collagen daily is important. It varies depending upon gender, age and type: Ingestible versus cream, serum. Look for a trusted brand with a third-party label, like NSF or USP. Whichever collagen you choose continue to eat foods that contain the nutrients your body uses to produce collagen to help boost your collagen levels and maintain a healthy gut lining.

From my research I’ve concluded incorporating collagen daily will increase hydration, premature aging and some skin damage. 


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