The Art Of DIY

The Art Of DIY

Two months ago there was nothing appealing about a DIY project. Stuck between two very definitive mindsets: Store bought equals professional grade, and will my DIY be good enough to put in my house? With a lack of disposable money after starting a business this year, and in the middle of a move, I proved you can have it all. But it might take a little effort and a lot of doing it yourself.

The Art Of DIYI have been on the hunt for black and white artwork for my minimalist home for two months now. I framed and hung a few of my favorite Helmut Newton photos so I wanted pieces that would compliment that style. After lots of searching I settled on abstract figure art. Which was perfect for my aesthetic and personal style. It was easy enough to do on my own and with quality frames would appear store bought.


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The art of a DIY is 100% my mothers forte. A quality I didn’t inherit until I started Googling do it yourself home renovation projects. Not only was I convinced I could pull off an entire interior design makeover on my overly priced Los Angeles home. But I could do it on a budget and personalize it with heirloom sentiments and my own personal touches starting with artwork. I also discovered after six years in art and fashion design school I didn’t enjoy the pressure of drawing for a grade, but line drawing is actually extremely therapeutic — like cooking is for me and I should do that more. The benefit of a DIY art project is that you get to decide exactly what art means to you and how to create and/or design it with your personal touches. A sentimental value you cannot put a price on.  

The Art Of DIYI learned more about fashion design and designing my own clothing via DIY so how far off could home decor be?? I’m still home for the holidays as I write this post so time will tell, but I think my house is coming together quite nicely. I will share a new vlog with my home renovations when I get back to Los Angeles, but for now I’ve rounded up a few pieces of artwork and interior photos for inspiration.

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