The single most valuable tool in advertising is marketing. Word of mouth goes a long way, but seeing a pleasing aesthetic is what really sells. And truth be told, I’ve spent countless hours studying how to create picture-perfect photos. Now with the help of apps an eye-catching photo is easier than ever and you don’t need to buy expensive software to do it. So I put together a list of the best photo editing apps for social media. 

Photo editing apps come and go. I believe finding your personal authentic style is the most important aspect of editing. It is also what sets you apart. But for those who love trends 2019 has already shown a few. Some of the most popular trends I have seen are the unfiltered photos or “no edit” photos, collage templates, artistic paint filters and cinemagraph photos. Whatever your preference these apps are sure to enhance your photos. 




2018 was the year that marked every top micro and macro Influencer launching their own presets. These presets are a guaranteed way to get the same aesthetics as the Influencer. Some of the presets are easy-to-use and can be downloaded to the Lightroom app on your phone, however, other presets are only compatible with RAW files and require Adobe Lightroom on a computer. If you follow an Influencer you really like visit their blog or checkout their Instagram Highlights (located under their bio in bubbles above the photos) for a link to buy their personal presets. This is the quickest way to edit your photos with little to no adjustments. If you prefer filters such as those offered by Instagram and Facebook you will also like Vsco. Vsco is one of the most used apps with several different filters. Another app I love is TEZZA which has both filters and collage kits for free. 



Cool photo collages are a huge trend now. I use the app Unfold for all of my collages. It’s great because you can add text to any collage and create beautiful stories for Instagram, Facebook, SnapChat, your blog, et cetera… It’s been around for a while but they are constantly adding new features. Just today I noticed a partnership with Tommy Hilfiger. The app is free however specialty packs and promotions are available for sale. One of the most popular packs they offer is the film pack. That’s the one I used above. Another similar app that is making news this year is Styleluxe.  Styleluxe offers different features than Unfold and is great for stories, photos, Instagram Highlights and much more. Styleluxe has a variety of collage packs that cost between $1.99 per pack or $9.99 annually. Now that people are using collages I think you will start to see more carousel collage posts in 2019. Both of these apps are great for creating a carousel story. Taking images and collaging them together to share in a carousel is good for your algorithm because it forces followers to scroll through to see the next photo. This increases the time they are spending on your photos. Instagram loves the engagement so the more time people spend on your post and interact with your photos the more likely your photos are of being seen. 

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Who doesn’t love a pop of color, art or glitter, right? Now you can can give your photos an artistic element with apps like A Color Story, A Design Kit, A Beautiful Mess and Afterlight. I only wish I had known about these apps sooner. Get ready for more playful images, stickers, brush strokes, stars, double exposure and colorful backgrounds. 



A lot of people enjoy cinemagraph photos. I use motion photos sparingly, but animation always makes for interesting images. If you want to add movement such as wind blowing through your hair, waves of water on the beach or snow to a photo PicLab, Plotaverse, Lumyer, Fotodanz, Zoetropic, Cinemagraph Pro for iOS and MaskArt are a few popular apps to use. There are several tutorials that teach you how to use them on YouTube. I have tried them all and my assessment was the same each time: They require time and can be quite challenging. But once you know how to edit with these apps they create beautiful images and can be used in place of GIFs and Boomerangs.  



Video has been around for a while now. People want live footage. Brands are moving away from stills requesting video posts, and Instagram stories are more popular than ever. Apps like Unfold allow you to collage multiple videos at one time. It’s safe to say this is the way of the future and the direction it’s been going for a while… My favorite video editing apps are: HUJI, Prequel, Spark Camera, Glitché and RAD VHS. Each app has a unique quality. If you are looking to edit your videos with vintage filters, grainy filters, VHS film filters or simply adjust the speed of your video these apps will do the trick. 


A few weeks ago Influencer Quigley took to Instagram to share her story about the love hate relationship she has with social media expectations. In doing that she shared unfiltered or “non edited” photos and encouraged her followers to do the same. This trend caught like fire spreading through the social media sphere. I love the “less edited” photos that are natural and raw. Though I’ve gone to great lengths to keep one aesthetic for my Instagram portfolio, if I could do it all over I would use fewer creative techniques to edit my photos because it is time-consuming and sometimes less authentic. Some of the best apps for natural aesthetics are Photoshop using minimal adjustments and VSCO. The A6 preset in VSCO has a subtle and minimalistic feel. 


There are so many apps out there that are great. These are just a list of the ones I have used. The possibilities of editing photos are limitless. Try out these apps and test your creativity! Who know’s, you might be inspired to design your own app to share with the world. If you have any other app recommendations please share them in the comments below. I would love to try them!

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