The Couple Who Dresses Together Stays Together

The Couple Who Dresses Together Stays Together
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The key to my heart — a man with a sense of style. I say that tounge-in-cheek, but I’d be lying if I said I didn’t pass a few good guys over the years for style. Hey, I know what I like. I also know when you both compliment each other it creates fireworks: Sexy and eye-catching. Just ask Influencer turned Designer Shea Marie, and her fiancé, Andres Fanjul. Swooning over how fabulous these two always look side-by-side. Harry and Meghan who? I hold my stance, the couple who dresses together stays together. 

There’s more than just dressing together obviously. But I have found couples who tend to share similar styles also share common interest. Compatibility plays a crucial role in keeping a relationship healthy and exciting so why not take your girlfriends suggestion on what shoes you should wear? Just saying a happy wife (girlfriend) is a happy life. For a fashion lover like myself trusting her choice in clothing is the beginning of her trusting your choice in dinner recommendations, movies and travel destinations — among other things. When you value her opinion she is open to sharing or respecting yours. 

Since not everyone fits into one specific style category I’ve rounded up my favorites across the board. An eclectic mix of professional, sportsman, minimalist, rocker, leisure, dapper and collegiate because good style should never be compromised. 



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