Monika Freeman Velvet for Spring
Top: Delacy, Skirt: Sandro Paris, Boots: Sam Edelman
I would never have pegged me for a velvet kind of girl until I meet this green skirt from Sandro Paris. I distinctly remember a dance recital in high school when my entire team of 60+ girls wore a velvet bodysuit that I thought was completing unflattering on everyones figure including the stick thin girls.

Over the last year watching velvet appear everywhere in the shape of hats, clothing and boots throughout my social media news stream I slowly inched my way into the likes of velvet. Maybe the “stick thins” are thinner than ever now, or designers reinvented velvet, but whatever it is I’ve fallen for velvet after 20 years of being on the fence.

Since Sandro is one of my top 5 favorite designers naturally I gravitated toward this skirt, but I found myself liking several from other designers, too. Only thing I wish I had more than this skirt right now is a pair of matching green velvet booties.

Catch the sale! #happyshopping

Monika Freeman Velvet for SpringVelvet For SpringVelvet For SpringVelvet For SpringMonika Freeman Velvet for Spring
Velvet For Spring


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