Ways We Can Help Improve Sustainable Fashion

Ways We Can Help Improve Sustainable Fashion
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Sustainable fashion can be pricey — especially when you are buying for each season. However, brands like Reformation take into account the full lifecycle of the product and are meant to produce products in a range of ethical categories. Still there are people who demand fast fashion for a fraction of the cost.

Saving on fast fashion brands is a temporary solution to trends. These brands do not take all precautions when manufacturing clothing. Fast fashion brands are known to be cheaply made and intended for short-term use. They do not use quality materials that last longer, or recycled materials and sustainable fibers to protect our environment. Due to mass consumer demand fast fashion is becoming popular although they are doing more harm than good. 

There are ethical brands working diligently to improve environmental issues, poor working conditions, and production location, but we as consumers can help improve sustainable fashion also. 

This year I downsized my closet. During that time I spent a few days organizing my clothing into two categories: Worn in the last 6-12 months and haven’t worn. Anything I hadn’t worn I donated to the local women’s shelter, Goodwill and thrift stores Crossroads Trading Company and Buffalo Exchange

Once I got rid of the old things in my closet and made room for new I shopped via sites The Real Real and Poshmark for sustainable used clothing. Recycling is your friend. The clothing was a fraction of the cost and better for the environment. Remember when you hated wearing your siblings hand-me-downs and now it’s cool? 

My friends and I recently started our own tradition of clothing swapping also. It’s a great way to rummage your bff’s closet and give her (or him) clothing you don’t wear anymore.

Small changes to how you shop can save you money and help protect the environment and sustainable fashion.  Shopping on affordable “recommerce” sites eBay and thredUP, or via brands like Eileen Fisher and Patagonia (who are now selling pre-worn garments from their own labels) is just the beginning. I have even reused fabric from old clothing to design new clothing pieces.

We dictate what happens next so do you part and help improve sustainable fashion by recycling, and purchasing less quantity and better quality products from sustainable brands.

Some of Favorite Sustainable Products


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